The 10 Best Restaurants In Chinatown, Las Vegas

The 10 Best Restaurants In Chinatown, Las Vegas
Almost every major city has a neighborhood called Chinatown. Here, the Chinese culture thrives and people of all walks of life can experience a lifestyle different from their own. Chinatown in Las Vegas is home to many restaurants that serve authentic Chinese cuisine, in addition to food from other parts of Asia as well as other countries. Read our list to discover the best 10 restaurants in Chinatown, Las Vegas.
Crawfish Boil ©Ashley Bischoff/Flickr

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Restaurant, Cajun, Seafood, American, $$$
Braised Short Rib with Panang at Lotus of Siam
Braised Short Rib with Panang at Lotus of Siam | ©Muy Yum/Flickr
This restaurant’s specialty is spicy seafood, and they do it well. Customers have the opportunity to get creative and design their own meal. First, they choose the kind of seafood they want. Options include oysters, crab, lobster, clams, shrimp, and of course, crawfish, and then, decide on a seasoning, including Louisiana style, Cajun, garlic butter, and more. Finally, make the seasoning just the right level of spicy for you. There’s nothing else you need to know. This place is just simply delicious.
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Lotus Of Siam

Restaurant, Thai, $$$
Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen
Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen | ©T.Tseng/Flickr
This is a Thai restaurant like you’ve never seen before. The owner and chef prides herself on serving cuisine from the Northern part of Thailand. Where other areas have sweet and tangy flavors that can overwhelm the senses, Lotus of Siam serves earthy herbs and spices that give customers a new, hearty flavor. Enjoy a diverse and extensive menu, as well as a wine menu that features German wines.
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Monta Ramen

Restaurant, Japanese
Ichiza | ©kennejima/Flickr

This local favorite is the go-to place in Las Vegas for good ramen. The restaurant serves ‘Kurume’ style ramen, which means that the broth is made from particular pork bones and a special soy sauce. This gives the dishes a unique flavor that many customers enjoy. Try different types of ramen with many different toppings. Monta also serves fried rice, a pork belly bowl, and more.
Address and Telephone: 5030 Spring Mountain Rd. Ste. 6 Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Restaurant, Japanese, Asian, Sushi, $$$
Meal at Raku
Meal at Raku | ©star5112/Flickr
This late-night restaurant is perfect for a late dinner with friends. Even late at night it is always very crowded. This unexpected gem prepares delicious Japanese dishes, including both entrées and sushi. They serve everything from ramen, jalapeño fried rice, and yellowtail tartare. The beef bowl is a favorite amongst visitors and has been deemed a must-try.
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Restaurant, Japanese, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$
Chimichangas | ©jeffreyw/Flickr
This award-winning restaurant serves tasty traditional Japanese cuisine. Though they have regular items, such as noodle dishes and soups, they make a large portion of their meals on a robata grill. Robatayaki is a form of cooking similar to barbeque where food is cooked over hot charcoal, which is Raku’s specialty. They also have a special menu prepared by the chef called ‘Omakase.’ It’s a fixed menu that features a large portion of multiple menu items and daily specials.
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Bonito Michoacan Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant, Mexican, Seafood, $$$
Pho Kim Long
Pho Kim Long | © Christina B. Castro/Flickr
This Mexican restaurant truly has it all. They serve everything from tacos to beef tongue and a low-carb menu, a kids’ menu, and vegetarian options, and with so many options it can be hard to decide, but in some cases you don’t have to. For example, try the rib eye and lobster dish. Have a steak topped with lobster tail served with Mexican rice and beans. They have many seafood, chicken, and steak options so there is something for everyone, no matter the preference.
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Pho Kim Long

Restaurant, Asian, Vietnamese, Chinese, $$$
This Chinatown restaurant is always crowded, even in the wee hours of the night, so you know it’s delicious. It’s open all day, but come for a late dinner or midnight snack. The atmosphere is open and refreshing, and the food comes out fresh and fast. Come sit and enjoy dishes such as the meatballs, crab rangoons, and more.
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Sura BBQ Buffet

Restaurant, American, BBQ, Korean, $$$
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Honey Walnut Shrimp | ©jordanmit09/Flickr
This restaurant is a do-it-yourself kind of buffet. Choose from an array of meats and have them barbequed on the grill right in front of you. That being said, this isn’t the typical American barbeque with hamburgers and hot dogs, Sura serves tasty Korean BBQ. And because it’s a buffet (for a singular fee), you can eat as much as you want. This place is perfect for large groups or for special occasions.
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Joyful House Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant, Chinese, $$$
In a cozy, casual environment, patrons can enjoy traditional Chinese dishes such as wonton noodles, Kung pao chicken, and chow mein. The seafood is fresh, they have a duck carving station at each table, and they serve beer and wine from all over the world, including Australian wine. Make sure you stop by Joyful House for a lunch special or a late dinner.
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Asian BBQ & Noodles

Restaurant, Chinese, Asian, BBQ
Even though there are many Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, each one is a little bit different and unique in it’s own way. Asian BBQ & Noodles is a perfect example of this. They serve delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine, but they also offer many specials, take-out options, and it’s one of the best places in the city to go to for BBQ pork belly. The restaurant is very roomy, and there is plenty of parking for those coming to enjoy a sit-down experience. It’s affordable, tasty, and well worth it on every level.
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