Everything to Know About Legalized Cannabis in Las Vegas

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The State of Nevada began the sale of cannabis to adults over the age of 21 in July 2017. However, legalization doesn’t mean a free-for-all. Like anything else, marijuana involves laws, regulations, and good manners.

“What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” is applied to everything from hitting the strip clubs to spending all day at the spa—and, since last year, smoking a joint. About $1 million in cannabis products is sold each month in Nevada to locals and tourists alike.

Interior of The+Source dispensary in Las Vegas | © The+Source

Where to buy

Marijuana products are available to buy at dispensaries all over Nevada by anyone over 21 with a legal ID. Purchases are cash only, though some will allow you to use a debit card and most have ATMs on-site. Depending on the day, time and location, you can wind up with a bit of a wait; ordering ahead via text or website is an option at some locations.

The+Source, Essence and The Dispensary have multiple locations around the Vegas Valley. If you are on Las Vegas Boulevard, NuLeaf and the Grove are on the east side of the Strip, while the Apothecary Shoppe and Reef are on the west side. For those who are Downtown or in the Arts District, New Amsterdam Naturals and Oasis are nearby.

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What to buy

Cannabis can be consumed in flower, edible, concentrate and topical forms. Flower is the plant form, which is available in grams and eighths or quarters of an ounce, as well as in pre-rolled joints. Edibles come in every format from macaroons and tea cakes to truffles and gummy rings to olive oil and beef jerky. However, be mindful to “start low and go slow” with edibles until you’re certain how they affect you.

Concentrates are waxes and oils—pre-filled disposable vape pens are available in a wide variety of strains and styles and are convenient for newbies and/or weekend visitors. Topicals include cremes, bath soaks, and lip balms. Not sure what’s right for you? The budtender at your dispensary can help guide you toward the best product, both in terms of the right form and whether you’d like a mind-activating sativa, a body-relaxing indica or a hybrid of the two.

Essence dispensary near downtown Las Vegas | © Essence

Where to consume

Presently, it is only legal to consume marijuana on private property. Smoking on the sidewalk or in a casino is liable to provoke the interest of the police. The key word is discretion—cannabis may be legal, but use is still best kept on the down low. Also be aware that, like drinking and driving, smoking and driving is against the law. Even in hedonistic Las Vegas, it’s important to know your limits.

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