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Dorinda's sea salt caramels | Courtesy of Dorinda's Chocolates
Dorinda's sea salt caramels | Courtesy of Dorinda's Chocolates

The Top 10 Dessert Spots In Reno, Nevada

Picture of Marcelina Morfin
Updated: 15 November 2016
‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ has quite the foodie scene. This is not limited to savory options either, as many places offer delicious sweets in addition to savory snacks. From baked goods to chocolate and ice cream, we’ve curated a list of some of the best spots to satisfy a sweet craving in Reno, Nevada.


Located on St. Lawrence Avenue in Midtown, Crème is a charming cafe serving breakfast and lunch options Tuesday through Saturday. The warm, inviting interior is outfitted with sleek, contemporary elements along with rustic accents, including exposed rafters. When it comes to satisfying a sweet craving, Crème is a definite must-visit. Not only do they serve sweet crepes, such as the German with lemon butter and powdered sugar, the Nutella with bananas, and the cinnamon swirl, but also decadent desserts and other baked goods. These do vary daily but have included lemon bars, coffee cake, scones, and chocolate croissants.

Crème, 18 Saint Lawrence Ave, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 348 0571

DoughBoys Donuts

A family-owned and operated bakery with its roots in Hollywood, California, DoughBoys Donuts opened in Reno when the founder’s son moved to the area. If you would rather begin your day with something sweet, or if you’re looking to treat yourself, then this is the place to go. Procuring quality ingredients, the crew at DoughBoys churns out a variety of doughy goodness every day of the week. Cinnamon rolls, apple bear claws, peanut butter logs, maple bars, and apple fritters — this is a small example of what you will find when you visit.

Multiple Locations in Reno, NV, USA

Donuts ©Dave Crosby

Donuts ©Dave Crosby

Dorinda’s Chocolates

If your sweet tooth is calling, then Dorinda’s Chocolates should be on your list. Dorinda’s is a chocolate lover’s dream with a variety of chocolatey goods made from the finest ingredients and real flavors — you won’t find imitation flavoring or preservatives in the products. Notable highlights include the toffee cream, which features toffee ganache covered in milk or dark chocolate and topped with crushed toffee, the Hub espresso truffle made with Hub coffee (a local coffee roaster), and the award-winning sea salt caramel dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of Malden sea salt.

Multiple Locations in Reno, NV, USA

chocolate ©Sarah Franke

chocolate ©Sarah Franke

Franz’s Backstube Austrian Bakery

Owned by pastry chef Don Holtzer, Franz’s Backstube Austrian Bakery serves up an array of sweet deliciousness, in addition to savory breakfast and lunch options. Found in Mayberry Landing, a shopping and dining destination, this bakery creates mouthwatering Austrian and American goods all made with the best of ingredients, including European chocolate. Within a cheerful, homey interior, you’ll find a variety of sweet treats, including bear claws, apple strudel, mixed berry scones, chocolate croissants, cream puffs and pear almond pastries.

Franz’s Backstube Austrian Bakery, 3882 Mayberry Landing, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 624 2921

Homage Bakery

Tucked inside a renovated house on Ralston Street, Homage is a cozy bakery. Owner-chef Nicholle Alumbaugh creates sweet treats using family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Open every day, Homage offers a selection of croissants, muffins, scones, and cookies. Be sure to try the signature oatmeal, fig and fennel cookie — you won’t be disappointed. Delicious desserts are also available such as lemon-lavender bars, lemon possets, seasonal tarts, and cake.

Homage Bakery, 519 Ralston St, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 323 8952

lemon posset ©jules

lemon posset ©jules

Honey Bakery

Honey Bakery is an Asian bakery specializing in variety of Chinese baked goods. Don’t be put off by the no-frills establishment, as they prefer to focus on their recipes and rightfully so. They offer many different buns, including the ever-popular pork bun, along with many sweet options. You’ll find Chinese delicacies such mung bean cakes, taro cake, and green tea rolls, plus they have sweet buns, in addition to their savory varieties. Try the cream milk bun or coconut pineapple bun — you’ll be happy you did.

Honey Bakery, 403 Keystone Ave, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 322 6668

Icecycle Creamery

For something cold, sweet, and creamy, Icecycle Creamery has you covered with an array of creamy deliciousness that will keep you coming back for more. Using the freshest ingredients possible, this ice cream company introduced their small-batch creations to locals in 2014. The crew at Icecycle is a creative one, so new flavors are often added and rotated, ensuring there is something new to try each time you visit. Some tasty options include lemon cheesecake, ube (Japanese sweet potato), tiramisu, spiced pear sorbet, and chamomile honey. Visit Monday to Saturday to find out which flavors may be in store for you.

Icecycle Creamery, 6147 Lakeside Dr, #102, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 827 2777

ice cream ©jen

ice cream ©jen

Mix Cupcake Co.

Even though the name of this bakery is Mix Cupcake Co., they sell more than cupcakes. This bakery is located off of California Avenue and features a delightful interior adorned with bright colors and a classic black-and-white checkered floor. Cupcake varieties include the triple chocolate temptation (chocolate cake with dark chocolate cream cheese frosting), salted caramel (vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and a drizzle of caramel sauce), and the monkey business (banana cake, cream cheese frosting, butterscotch sauce and a mini salted pretzel). The bakery also offers cookies and pies you don’t want to miss. Visit this sweet shop Monday to Saturday.

Mix Cupcake Co., 655 Booth St, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 329 1748

Salted caramel and Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top cupcakes at Mix | Courtesy of Marcelina Morfin

Salted caramel and Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top cupcakes at Mix | Courtesy of Marcelina Morfin

Rounds Bakery

Rounds Bakery is another locally owned establishment featuring baked goods. Not only will you find an assortment of bagels, which can be made sweet with the addition of a fruity cream cheese spread, but also a host of muffins, donuts, macarons, cinnamon rolls and cronuts in a variety of flavors. While the flavors vary from day to day, you may find tempting options such as orange, chocolate glaze with strawberry cream, cinnamon sugar, and white chocolate, raspberry and lemon.

Rounds Bakery, 294 E Moana Ln, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 329 0800

Sierra Nevada Chocolate Co.

As the name suggests, Sierra Nevada Chocolate Co. specializes in chocolate, making it another great spot for the chocoholics among you. Established in 1985, this chocolate shop didn’t open its doors to the general public until several years later. Today, they can be found on South Virginia Street in Midtown where they offer a host of truffles, including sugar-free and wine-flavored varieties. Local favorites include amaretto, cheesecake, Irish cream, peanut butter and merlot.

Sierra Nevada Chocolate Co., 1290 S Virginia St, Reno, NV, USA, +1 775 323 2462