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Wolf Creek Canyon and the Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls Montana © Sue Kunda/Flickr
Wolf Creek Canyon and the Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls Montana © Sue Kunda/Flickr
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Top 10 Restaurants In Great Falls, Montana

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Despite being a small town, Great Falls holds its own when it comes to restaurants. The picturesque mountain scenery provide the products used in its local cuisine, with the Montana beef delivering delectable steaks and the streams and grain near the mountain producing great beer. Read our guide to see how much more there is to Great Falls’ dining scene.
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The Front Public House

Sharing a building with sister company Faster Basset, The Front has a friendly atmosphere, with the spoils of The Front’s Brewing Company available on draft by the pint, accompanied by a selection of bar food. As the name suggests, the company is inspired by the Rocky Mountain Front.

The Front Public House, 215 3rd Street Northwest, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 727 3947

Fantastic day off at The Front Brewery in Montana.

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Dante’s Creative Cuisine

Casual yet elegant, Dante’s Creative Cuisine is found in a former iron-works, a stunning brick building from the early 20th century which adds character to the restaurant’s atmosphere. With a menu offering the finest seafood and the best of Italian, Southwestern and American grill cuisine, there is plenty to savor here in a restaurant with a wonderfully mellow ambiance and a talented bar staff. Dante’s is a popular after-work drinks location for those looking for a well-mixed stiff drink.

Dante’s Creative Cuisine, 1325 8th Avenue North, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 453 9599


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Bert and Ernies

If you are looking for gourmet versions of your American favorites, Bert and Ernie’s is a must-visit. With all beef sourced from Montana’s great farms, you can ensure the freshest possible meat for your burger or short ribs. Beautifully decorated, Bert and Ernies has really come into its own with its new management, who have added live entertainment on weekday evenings, successfully attracting a younger clientele to the restaurant. Sit in the well-decorated room, order a delicious burger and enjoy a series of great live performances.

Bert and Ernies, 300 1st Avenue South, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 453 0601

Hitting up Bert & Ernies for lunch!

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Tracy’s Family Restaurant

Great Falls’ first and perhaps best 1950s diner, Tracy’s is a family-run joint. Their extensive menu offers every breakfast or lunch food you can think of, and offers them 24 hours a day. Tracy’s is a Great Falls institution that will take you back to the golden age of the American diner.

Tracy’s, 127 Central Avenue, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 453 6108

Working #jukebox at a diner 😊 #oldschool #diner #montanastuff

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Big Sky Bread & Pastry

Big Sky Bread & Pastry is the brainchild of a German-born baker. Moving to Great Falls in his teens, he attended culinary institutes across America before moving back to Great Falls to start Big Sky, which offers an extensive variety of breads and pastries, as well as a plethora of European breads to try.

Big Sky Bread & Pastry, 4 5th Street South, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 315 1747

Holy croissant Batman! Yoga class got canceled so we went to the patisserie instead. Amazing.

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Faster Basset

The Front’s sister cafe, Faster Basset bills itself as a ‘coffee and crepe haus’. Offering crepes both savory and sweet, as well as burgers and a few other quick bites, their dishes often involve its sister establishment’s (The Front Public House’s) signature beers. In addition, they are experts at brewing coffee.

Faster Basset, 215 3rd Street Northwest, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 727 3947

Crepes and coffee 💕

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Celtic Cowboy

Named after Robert Vaughn, the ‘Celtic Cowboy’ who was the first European settler in the county, Celtic Cowboy aims to continue the rich tradition of Great Falls’ earliest days. Situated in one of this era’s few remaining buildings, Celtic Cowboy offers both a pub and restaurant menu, combining the best of Southwestern Cuisine with distinctive Welsh and Irish flavors to create unique dishes. Think tenderloin with whiskey-laced sauce and their Irish spring rolls, served with a Guinness mustard that has to be tasted to be believed.

Celtic Cowboy, 116 1st Avenue South, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 952 0393

My happy place/my heaven is stalked with never ending food just like this.

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The Cattlemen’s Cut Supper Club

Serving sizzling cuts of Montana beef along with lamb, chicken and seafood, the Cattlemen’s Cut Supper Club is a must-visit for fans of prime rib. All soups and sauces are homemade, adding that crucial extra touch that such quality meat deserves. The Supper Club has been delighting Great Falls residents for over 10 years, and have carved a niche for themselves as the destination for any special occasion. So next time you want to celebrate in a place with a warm ambiance and great food, make sure it’s at Cattlemen’s Cut.

The Cattlemen’s Cut Supper Club, 369 Vaughn South Frontage Road, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406-452-0702

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Bowser Brewing Company

The Bowser Brewing Company only recently started serving food, but they’re already going from strength to strength. Chef Kevin Towers was appointed as head chef here, and he tries to use many of Bowser’s own beers in his dishes, giving them a unique edge, from their stout-braised pork tacos to their mac and cheese made with their formidable Jalapeño Hefeweizen.

Bowser Brewing Company, 1826 10th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT, USA, +1 406 315 1340

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Suki Cafe

Serving sushi, Japanese and Thai food, Suki Café is one of the few places in Great Falls to house authentic Asian flavors for when you need a break from the beef and beer joints that make up Great Falls’ major establishments. Good food can be matched with unique Japanese wines for the full experience of dining Asian-style with a Montana twist.

Suki Cafe, 1229 10th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT, +1 406 770 3037

My sister's beautiful pineapple!

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