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Culture And Art Events In Montana, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center Preview 2014
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Culture And Art Events In Montana, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center Preview 2014

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Big Sky’s Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, Montana, is featuring an exciting line-up of national and international acts to the Big Sky community and guests throughout the winter of 2014. Find out about the season’s highlights, including contemporary art exhibitions, concerts and poetry slams taking place in the heart of Montana.
Montana, Pitchfork Branch Lake
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Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands – Corrie Francis Parks Exhibition

January 27 – February 15

Corrie Francis Parks’ installation Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands is on show from January 27 until February 15. At the vernissage, taking place on 1 February, Parks will give tours of the gallery, demonstrate sand animation live, and show some of her films in the theatre. One of those films, ‘A Tangled Tale’, toured international film festivals in 2013 with help from a Big Sky Festival Grant from the Montana Film Office, and was an official selection for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, the most prestigious and longest-running animation festival in the world.

Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands, Corrie Francis Parks Exhibition
Painted Pixels, Shifting Sands | © Corrie Francis Parks
The Blokadnitsy Project – Jill Bough Exhibition
The Blokadnitsy Project | © Jill Bough

The Blokadnitsy Project – Jill Bough Exhibition

February 16

The Blokadnitsy Project, Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad, is an exhibition by photographer Jill Bough that includes a compilation of photographs of twelve women survivors of the Blockade of Leningrad, as well as hand-created art books revealing the women’s stories. Based on material gathered through interviews with the women in their homes, the work brings forth ideas about the relationship between memory and history, artefacts as symbolism, and the experience of encounters as art itself.

The Brubeck Brothers Jazz Quartet

February 20

Designed as a tribute to their father, jazz legend Dave Brubeck, brothers Dan Brubeck (drums) and Chris Brubeck (bass and trombone) head up this sizzling jazz ensemble with guitarist Mike DeMicco and pianist Chuck Lamb completing the quartet. The Brubeck Brothers Quartet has performed at concert series, colleges, and jazz festivals across North America and Europe. Although the quartet’s style is rooted in ‘straight-ahead’ jazz, their concerts reveal an inherent ability to explore and play odd time signatures while naturally integrating the influences of funk, blues and world music.

Antonii Baryshevskyi

March 1

On his annual trek to Germany for a two-week composition retreat, WMPAC Artistic Director John Zirkle heard Baryshevskyi play and almost immediately began to work on getting the visa for the Ukrainian pianist to come to WMPAC. ‘He has a fire and infectious enthusiasm for the piano that is synonymous with youth,’ Zirkle said. Prepare for a concert like none other on March 1.

David Mason and Tami Haaland: Poetry Slam and Poet Laureate Double-Header

March 8

Words are Colorado Poet Laureate David Mason’s instrument, and he plays them with the skill of a master. As the poet laureate, Mason is attempting to visit every country in Colorado for readings, each time recruiting local poets to the stage alongside him. Expect Mason’s visit to WMPAC on March 8 to include surprise local guests – including our state’s own Poet Laureate, Tami Haaland – as well as a perspective-shifting talk about words.

Big Sky Commission: Made in Montana

March 19

Join Philip Aaberg, Angella Ahn and Mike Reynolds for a one of a kind evening as composer Aaberg premiers his original, WMPAC-commissioned piece on March 19. Ahn, a teacher at MSU, has been featured in Time, People and on TED, with her sisters who form the Ahn trio; Aaberg, a native Montanan, is an Emmy-nominated composer and performer for Windham Hill and Sweetgrass Music; and Reynolds, a Grammy nominee, is a member of the Muir Quartet, and internationally renowned composer and performer in his own right.

Mark Applebaum: On the Frontiers of Music March 29

A composer and performer, Mark Applebaum garnered nearly a million views during a TED talk when he provocatively declared Beethoven to be ‘boring.’ An engaging speaker and Stanford University professor, Applebaum will explore what he calls the ‘frontiers of music’ as he examines the ‘sound world’ and the role of the inventor/composer, and demonstrates music made by cutting carrots and sawing wood, among other things on March 29.

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About WMPAC: The Warren Miller Performing Arts Center was named in honour of ski movie icon Warren Miller in part due to his involvement in the community, and also because his legacy demonstrates a bridge between skiing and the arts. The Center’s mission is to establish and maintain a clear and stable artistic infrastructure to grow a community of confident performers and inspired audiences.