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The Top 10 Restaurants In Lee's Summit, Missouri

The Top 10 Restaurants In Lee's Summit, Missouri

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Lee’s Summit has become one of the busiest areas in the Kansas City metropolitan region in recent years. The city still retains its small town charm however, with an emphasis on community and local restaurants. We list 10 of the best dining spots to drop in on.

Bean Counter Café

Rather unusually for a cosy neighbourhood café, the Bean Counter Café shares its building with a local bank. This quirkiness however, only adds to its charm and appeal. The building is a modern brick and glass affair, with a wide sprawling lawn complete with tables out front, perfect for enjoying an iced coffee on warm summer days. The menu focuses on high quality produce and the personal touch; all ingredients, from coffee beans to spices, are locally sourced or grown in the café’s own garden, while an abundance of breakfast and sandwich choices means you can select from the menu or assemble your own.

Bean Counter Café, 9019 Missouri 7, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-874-4730

Iced Coffee | © Pixabay

Iced Coffee | © Pixabay


The Fig Tree Café and Bakery

Although ostensibly only a small café, The Fig Tree Café and Bakery caters to all tastes, with a lunch menu ranging from the typical salads and sandwiches, to a signature burger entitled ‘The Kitchen Sink’ and topped with cheese, crisp turkey bacon and a fried egg, making it the ideal transition from breakfast to lunch. The café only serves an ever-rotating selection of baked goods made from scratch, and guests are encouraged to call ahead and order their favorite sweet treat to be ready when they arrive. A colorful tiled counter and busy chalkboards filled with daily specials and unmissable items makes The Fig Tree Café and Bakery a cheerful, cozy spot for a midday or afternoon break.

The Fig Tree Café and Bakery, 817 Northeast Rice Road, Lee’s Summit, MO , USA, +1 816-347-0442

Homemade Cakes © Pixabay

Homemade Cakes © Pixabay


Ginger Sue’s

Ginger Sue’s has gained a reputation as one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Lee’s Summit. The restaurant is located in a large, airy room filled with natural light, making it the perfect spot for an early morning start and customers can choose between the long communal tables that stretch out across the room, or the more private tables for small groups. What makes Ginger Sue’s truly stand out however, is its quirky and varied menu. A larger number of omelets are available with fillings ranging from the classic to the unusual; the Aloha Awakea Omelette includes pineapple, ham and cheddar topped with shredded coconut. The restaurant also offers a delicious variety of smoothies, perfect for kickstarting the day.

Ginger Sue’s, 20 Northeast Sycamore Street, Lee’s Summit, MO , USA, +1 816-246-7707




Ever since it first opened in 1996, Habanero’s mission statement has been to provide Lee’s Summit with authentic, high-quality Mexican food in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Each dish is freshly prepared on location, with delicious ingredients, generous portion sizes and just the required amount of spice. What sets Habanero’s apart from other dining experiences however, is not only the quality of the food, but the restaurant’s dramatic décor, which includes a real Piper Tomahawk airplane mounted on the exterior’s roof, an aeronautical theme which extends throughout the restaurant to the menus, drinks and decorations. This unexpected, eye-catching introduction to Habanero’s is certain to set the tone for a fun and memorable evening out.

Habanero’s, 1008 Southeast Blue Parkway, Lee’s Summit, MO , USA, +1 816-554-1008



Konrad’s Kitchen and Tap House

Located in downtown Lee’s Summit, Konrad’s Kitchen and Tap House is the perfect place to unwind on a Friday evening. The restaurant focuses on extravagant variants on traditional American cuisine, such as their Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, a crisp thin crust loaded with beef, bacon pickles and melted cheese. Their drinks menu is the ideal accompaniment to their dishes, with a wide range of cold beers and unique cocktails to suit everyone’s taste; highlights include their signature rum punch and a chocolate martini made with vanilla vodka, Bailey’s and cream. Konrad’s Kitchen also holds live music events every Thursday to Saturday, making it an excellent spot to experience and soak up the local culture.

Konrad’s Kitchen and Tap House, 302 SW Main St Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-525-1871

Chocolate Martini | © Pixabay

Chocolate Martini | © Pixabay


Mint Asian Café and Sushi

A modest little restaurant from the outside, Mint Asian Café and Sushi makes up in food and culinary style what it lacks in loud décor. Serving authentic, high-quality sushi and sashimi, as well as a range of East Asian appetizers and rolls, all of their dishes are freshly prepared on the spot and extraordinarily presented, with great attention paid to creating beautiful shapes, patterns and explosions of color on each plate. The interior of the restaurant complements the dainty dishes, with bright walls, contemporary furnishings and sleek lines.

Mint Asian Café and Sushi, 1209 Northeast Rice Road, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-554-0678

Sushi | © Alpha/Flickr

Sushi | © Alpha/Flickr



Neighborhood Café

One of Lee’s Summit’s most popular local diners, the Neighborhood Café lives up to its name with a cozy dining area decorated with historic newspapers and offering delicious, homey fare. Each visit begins with a complimentary cinnamon roll fresh from the oven, an event sure to get any meal off to a good start. The café specialises in traditional diner comfort food, although the menu does include several creative twists on old classics: their various versions of eggs Benedict, in particular the eggs Benedict with BBQ pulled pork, are superb, while the Fire Burger with fresh jalapeño, pepperjack cheese and Sriracha mayonnaise is perfect for the daring spirit.

Neighborhood Café, 104 Southeast 3rd Street, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-524-1069


Summit Grill and Bar

An ode to classic American cuisine, Summit Grill and Bar offers a wildly popular Happy Hour with a range of delicious appetizers, from Steak Street tacos to spicy wings with blue cheese dressing, to complement their large drinks menu featuring an extensive wine list, handcrafted martinis and craft beers. For those who want a fuller meal, Summit Grill and Bar’s Chicken Fried Chicken with creamy mashed potatoes and crisp green beans is another popular choice. The restaurant has an elegant yet cozy setting, making it perfect for both a casual night out or a more sophisticated affair

Summit Grill and Bar, 4835 Northeast Lakewood Way, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-795-1299


Summit Hickory Pit BBQ

For an authentic barbeque experience, look no further than the Summit Hickory Pit BBQ. The restaurant smokes all its meat in traditional brick pits from start to finish, leaving the meat oh-so-tender and delicious. They also make their own signature BBQ sauce, which customers can buy bottled to continue the authentic barbeque experience at home. The interior of the restaurant is filled with dark wood, exposed brick and a fully serviced bar, giving the place a down to earth, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for grabbing an ice-cold beer and tucking in to a plate of smoky ribs or a juicy steak.

Summit Hickory Pit BBQ, 1012 Southeast Blue Parkway, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-246-4434

Courtesy of Summit Hickory Pit BBQ

Courtesy of Summit Hickory Pit BBQ



Unk’s Burgers

Unk’s Burgers take the art of the burger back to its roots. Eschewing new gourmet styles and contemporary twists on classics, the restaurant offers a menu of four burgers, topped with either cheese, pickles, baked beans, or another burger patty, as well as a turkey burger and fried chicken sandwich. The free range of toppings available, however, from BBQ sauce to jalapeños, as well as the number of different fries and onion ring options, means that each visitor can make their patty as unique as they wish, while still retaining the simple, satisfying feel of a classic burger.

Unk’s Burgers, Summit Woods Crossing, 240 Northwest Oldham Parkway, Lee’s Summit, MO, USA, +1 816-600-2277