The Top 10 Places For For Toasted Ravioli In St Louis, Missouri

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23 October 2016

St. Louis locals are all about their t-ravs. As for the exact origin of the toasted ravioli, there are multiple stories floating around. The most widely accepted is that a chef accidentally dropped raviolis in hot oil instead of boiling water. A few restaurants on our list claim to be the original toasted ravioli joint, and it’s really hard to choose the best! Here’s our list of the top 10 spots for toasted ravioli in St. Louis.

Toasted Ravioli | © Timothy Boyd/Flickr

Charlie Gitto’s

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Charlie Gitto's
Charlie Gitto's | © Eugene Kim/Flickr
Originally called Angelo’s Pasta House, Charlie Gitto’s is the establishment where most believe toasted ravioli was invented. Its composition is quite traditional as far as t-ravs go. The little ravioli shells are stuffed with a mixture of pork, chicken, beef, cheese, and spinach. They are fried and sprinkled with a generous helping of Parmesan. This high-class restaurant also serves up a multitude of other yummy St. Louis Italian specialties like the bean and ham soup or an Italian sausage sandwich. It is conveniently located downtown so it makes for the perfect stop for lunch while you’re exploring the city.

Kemoll’s Italian Restaurant

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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The recipe for the raviolis at Kemoll’s Italian Restaurant has been passed down for generations, and you can bet their toasted raviolis are exceptional. Sprinkled with fresh herbs in addition to Parmesan cheese, the genius behind these little masterpieces has been the 80-something year-old Kemoll’s former employee, Marella Grigsby. Rumor has it that she still comes in to prepare the raviolis. Located on the 40th floor of the St. Louis Met Square, Kemoll’s spacious interior includes several large windows, which provide a fantastic view of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The atmosphere is sultry and romantic making this a perfect place for a date.

Lombardo’s Trattoria

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Lombardo’s Trattoria serves up its trademark toasted raviolis in a unique half circle shape that is also thicker than most others. They are lightly fried and tenderer than the usual toasted ravioli. Once cooked, the raviolis are topped with large pieces of shaved Parmesan, another element that makes them stand out from the crowd. Inside of each is a textured blend of beef, cheese, and spinach. Lombardo’s Trattoria is the place to go if you’re looking to expand your toasted ravioli palette. This restaurant also specializes in Italian seafood dishes.

Mama’s On The Hill

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Mama’s on the Hill is another site whose claim to the original toasted ravioli goes all the way back to the 1940s. They follow a traditional style, small in stature, filled with meat, fried to perfection, and dusted with Parmesan. Mama’s interior is a classic Italian café with some pleasing, kitschy decoration. Expect all your tried-and-true Italian favorites just the way they ought to be done. Try the King of The Hill pizza or the tasty spaghetti and meatballs for an entree. This restaurant is casual and a great place to bring the family as the food is also well priced.

Trattoria Marcella

Trattoria Marcella makes giant, pillow shaped toasted raviolis with a crispy shell. They are fried only lightly, and you can still taste the flavor of the fresh pasta dough used to make them. These raviolis are stuffed to the brim with a blend of beef, veal, pork, spinach, onions, carrots and spices. This special combination gives them a rich and hearty flavor. Trattoria Marcella is also known for its thick marinara dipping sauce, which is equally deserving of accolade. Combined with all of the other delicious dishes available here, Trattoria Marcella is undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in St. Louis.

3600 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63109, United States +1 314-352-7706

Courtesy of Trattoria Marcella

Courtesy of Trattoria Marcella

Mangia Italiano

Bar, Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Mangia Italiano is an upscale Italian restaurant and lounge that serves a more delicate variety of the toasted ravioli. These t-ravs come with a high level of quality and some some clever cultural flare. They come with three different dipping sauces arranged in the colors of the Italian flag, picante red arrabbiata, white garlic aioli, and fresh basil pesto sauce. The pasta shells used in the raviolis are made at the nearby Midwest Pasta. Co. The stylish interior is filled with warm color tones and eclectic textures. The large bar serves a variety of cocktails, and the menu contains many different creative dishes like rack of elk in blue cheese reduction.

Stellina Pasta Café

Stellina Pasta Café serves simple Italian dishes made with high quality, carefully sourced ingredients. Some of its dishes include salads, sandwiches, and handmade pasta. Stellina Pasta Café is a great place to try toasted ravioli particularly if there are vegetarians among you. Their remarkably tasty toasted ravioli sometimes comes filled with ricotta and spinach while on other occasions they offer toasted raviolis with stuffed cauliflower or cheese, and ones with three onion filling. Keep in mind that the menu changes by season. For dessert, try the bread pudding with sweet potato ice cream or the lemon tart. Stellina Pasta Café also serves brunch.

3342 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63139, United States +1 314-256-1600


Rigazzi’s is a fun and casual Italian-American establishment mainly offering pizzas and cocktails. Of course, they also make some delectable toasts raviolis garnished in cheese and fresh basil. Some evenings you can even get this appetizer half price while enjoying live music, making Rigazzi’s one of the best value spots to eat ravioli in St. Louis. This is the kind of spot for a laidback afternoon or evening with friends or place to eat before heading to a St. Louis Blues hockey game. Rigazzi’s recently added a pleasant outdoor veranda, perfect for warm days.

4945 Daggett Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States +1 314-772-4900

Anthonino’s Taverna

Restaurant, Italian, Greek, $$$
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The two brothers who own Anthnonino’s Taverna are Greek and Italian. Hence, the restaurant’s specialties consist of Greek and Italian comfort foods. They make outstanding toasted ravioli and chicken souvlaki. As for the acclaimed toasted raviolis, they are filled with ground beef, ricotta, and pecorino Romano cheese and served the traditional way with marinara dipping sauce and covered in Romano cheese. Other menu items worth trying are the shrimp scampi, chicken Marsala, Greek Pizza, stuffed grape leaves, and cannolis for dessert. This place is as phenomenal as it is authentic in its cuisine.

Zia’s Restaurant

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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Zia’s Restaurant has been a spot for great Italian food and wine pairings for many years. Its ambiance is cozy and casual. They offer a wide variety of imported wines and serve many delicious Italian classics, many covered in lots of cheese! Of course, reading about Zia’s on our list means they also make some exceptional toasted raviolis. Here you can try the traditional toasted raviolis with parmigiana and marinara sauce or go for the toasted seafood ravioli. This option is filed with shrimp and crabmeat. It’s topped with parsley and served in tangy lemon and butter sauce.

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