The Best Burgers In St. Louis, Missouri

The Best Burgers In St. Louis, Missouri
Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than biting into a thick, juicy burger. Order a regular all-American cheeseburger, or try something more adventurous like a gourmet bison blue cheese burger. Eat with a side of fries or onion rings, a soda or a milkshake. There are so many options it can be hard to make a decision. Read our guide to discover the best burgers in St. Louis.
Bailey’s Range ©henskechristine/Flickr

Bailey’s Range

Bailey’s Range has a wide range of options for your burgers. Decide between beef, aged sirloin, smoked beef, bison, chicken, lamb or veggie; then select a beer bun, pretzel bun, or gluten free bun. Next come the toppings. Choose your own cheese, greens and condiments, or trust the chef by choosing one of the twenty, expertly designed burgers on the menu. A burger wouldn’t be anything without the fries so order a small or large side order, in addition to a tasty dipping sauce. Bailey’s is also a great place for kids: in addition to burgers, kids may order chicken fingers, hotdogs, or a simple grilled cheese – not to mention, they have over five amazing flavors of homemade ice cream milkshakes.

Bailey’s Range, 920 Olive St. Saint Louis, MO, USA, +1 314 241 8121

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Three Kings Public House

Three Kings Pub is an independent, local restaurant and bar that prides itself on providing customers with the freshest ingredients possible. Choose from one of 10 burgers on the menu, including the All American, Pretzel Melt, and Bacon Jam Pub Burger. Burgers are made with choice, grade A meat and fresh tomato, avocado, lettuce, and more, all sourced from local farmers. The gourmet burgers are ½ a pound each, so bring your appetite. There are also salads, wraps and entrees available, in addition to a late night menu. Nachos, wings, fries, and more – the options are endless, so come get your fill at Three Kings Public House.

Bison Burger ©jennifer yin/Flickr

5 Star Burgers

Five Star is a casual St. Louis restaurant but their burgers are far from ordinary. There are nearly 12 different delicious gourmet burgers, made with all natural, farm fresh Angus beef. Alternatively, order a turkey burger, bison burger, lamb burger, pork patty burger, or veggie burger, or mix it up a little bit by ordering one of their famous sandwiches or hot dogs. This is a great place for families looking for a nice dinner out, or for coworkers to grab a bite and drink during Five Star’s popular Happy Hour.

5 Star Burgers, 8125 Maryland Ave. Clayton, MO, USA, +1 314 720 4350

Stacked STL Exterior ©Paul Sableman/Flickr

Stacked STL

Many often say that less is more but that’s certainly not the case at Stacked STL. The restaurant serves 12 deluxe signature burgers, including the That’s Amore, which features fontina cheese, caramelized onions, and sauteed mushrooms. If one of the burgers doesn’t strike your fancy, Stacked STL challenges you to build your own. Decide for yourself the kind of patty, bun, cheese, sauce and pick from a choice of nearly thirty toppings. For something a little lighter, sample the guacamole bites, BBQ brisket nachos, or spicy siracha fries. Come for a beer during Happy Hour or play a friendly game of pool after dinner.

Layla ©Paul Sableman/Flickr


At Layla, you can dine on a fat, juicy gourmet burger or fill up on traditional shawarma sandwiches. Enjoy your locally sourced beef burger with a side of fries and an ice cream milkshake, or pair your shawarma with housemade hummus and falafel fries. The cozy lounge is a great place to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail, so grab a drink during Happy Hour with coworkers, at brunch with family, or on trivia nights with friends. Don’t forget about karaoke nights: check their website for the full calendar of events.