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Martin McDonagh on Balancing Darkness and Humour in His Films

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 4 January 2018

We caught up with writer and director Martin McDonagh to find out all we could about his new film, and a leading Oscar-contender, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

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It’s hard to believe that Martin McDonagh’s debut feature film, In Bruges, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Much like his 2008 release, McDonagh’s latest work walks the line between tragedy and comedy, with Frances McDormand putting in one of the best performances of her illustrious career.

Speaking to Culture Trip at the recent London Film Festival, McDonagh talked about how a number of parts were written specifically for the actors he cast. He also explained how difficult it was to promote a film without giving too much away, and how Three Billboards was the director’s favourite film to date.

Don’t tell In Bruges star Colin Farrell that, though, who genuinely was just a few metres away in the same building at the time… we had just spoken to the Irish actor about his film The Killing of a Sacred Deer!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri is released in the UK on January 12