The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mississippi

Mural in Jackson, Mississippi
Mural in Jackson, Mississippi | © Scott Allen
Photo of Holly Perkins
6 April 2018

It might not seem on the cutting edge of insta-trends, but Mississippi is a spot full of unexpected, ‘gram-worthy gems. From sandy beaches to scenic parks and massive public art installations to historic monuments, the Magnolia State has plenty for you to “like.”

The murals in Jackson

Mississippi’s capital city has no shortage of public art, making for the perfect backdrop for your Insta-photos. The most recent installment is a mural featuring a contrasting blue-and-black background and giant “Welcome to Jackson” greeting. It covers the exterior of the Gadow Tyler Law Offices on Pearl Street in downtown Jackson. Also downtown is William Goodman’s black-and-white display at the Mississippi Museum of Art and Jason Jenkins’ Musician Mural on the exterior of Martin’s Restaurant. Make sure to stop throughout Midtown and into the Fondren area for equally Insta-worthy backdrops from Tony “2 Much” and Scott Allen.

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Brent’s Drugs in Jackson

While you might recognize their signature turquoise-and-white booths from the 2011 film The Help, this diner and soda fountain’s classic interior makes for a perfect photo setting. Grab a cherry-topped milkshake and a cheeseburger to snap that genuinely Insta-worthy shot. After dark, head through Brent’s back hallway to the speakeasy-style cocktail bar The Apothecary for drinks as delicious as they are photogenic.

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The Oxford Square in Oxford

Centered around the Lafayette County Courthouse, a walk around the Oxford Square is a necessity for Oxford visitors. Snap a springtime photo on the tulip-lined courthouse lawn or stroll around the Double Decker Arts Festival, post a picture of some of the country’s best tailgating in the fall or visit Square Books to take a selfie with your favorite literary work.

The beach in Ocean Springs

No Instagram account is complete without a beach picture, and Mississippi provides plenty of opportunities to capture just that. The Gulf beaches of Ocean Springs are a great place to snap a photo in the sand or catch a breathtaking sunset among the waves.

The Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale

Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, The Shack Up Inn is a collection of sharecropper shotgun shacks that have been restored to house guests. The shacks feature tin roofs, rustic interiors and front porches that are perfect for capturing the bluesy mood of the Delta.

The Natchez Trace

Though the Natchez Trace spans three states over 444 miles, Mississippi is home to some of its most photo-worthy spots. Favorites include the boardwalk trail at Cypress Swamp, where you can strike a pose among swamp trees and serene waters, or the Sunken Trace, where you can snap a photo on a nature trail that was developed by thousands of travelers over hundreds of years.

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Mississippi State Fair in Jackson

Occurring each October, the Mississippi State Fair is an ideal spot for Instagramming. At night, capture the neon lights of the ride and hop on the Ferris wheel to the top for a spectacular view of downtown Jackson. If rides aren’t your thing, stop by during the day and snap a picture with fair-food classics like cotton candy against the bright backgrounds of the fair to add a whimsical feel to your feed.

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The Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson

A Mississippi landmark, the Windsor Ruins are a collection of 23 columns that once held the largest antebellum mansion in Mississippi, which succumbed to a fire in 1890. These Corinthian columns against the oak trees make up the “Stonehenge-in-the-South” background that beautifully capture the history of Mississippi architecture.

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Tishomingo State Park in Tishomingo

Sitting on 590 acres of land, historical Tishomingo State Park is home to some of Mississippi’s most beautiful views. Hike through the forest or canoe down bear creek before snapping some shots of the scenery. Natural springs, cliffs, waterfalls, rock formations and a swinging bridge make this spot ideal for capturing breathtaking #nofilter #nature.

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The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi

The art featured at one of Mississippi’s best art museums, the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum, is worth stepping inside for, but the exterior campus of the museum is where you’ll find the most stunning architecture to photograph for your Insta-feed. Designed by architect/artist Frank Gehry, the modern buildings meld with the classic live oak trees in a way that truly captures the vibe of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.