10 Great Spots For Food In Starkville, Mississippi

10 Great Spots For Food In Starkville, Mississippi
Starkville is the site of Mississippi State University. It’s also where you’ll find the Cotton District, the first community built on the principles of the new urbanism movement in the 1960s. Here are 10 of the best spots in the town for food and drink.
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The Veranda

The award-winning Veranda lies on Lincoln Green in Starkville, close to Mississippi State University. Opened in January 2003, The Veranda brings in fresh seafood every day. The Starkville Daily News gave The Veranda a People’s Choice Award for the quality of the steaks on offer in 2013. Also on the menu are tempting seafood dishes like mahi mahi, bayou catfish and Chesapeake crab cakes. Steaks range from filet mignon and ribeye to pork tenderloin with the option to add some crab meat, a bit of lobster, shrimp or some gorgonzola butter.

The Veranda, 208 Lincoln Green, Starkville, MS, USA +1 662 323 1231

Coffee Bar

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929 Coffee Bar sits on East Main Street in downtown Starkville and is the place to go for freshly baked cakes and pastries, quality coffee. If you’re looking for something a little bit stronger, you can get a beer here that comes from one of the many craft breweries operating in the South. The coffee is sourced from the Intelligentsia company, who import only the best beans from locations like Colombia, Honduras and Ethiopia. Opened in 2012, the Coffee Bar prides itself on being a hub of the community in Starkville, opening at seven in the morning for the pre-work run. It stays open until nine at night. The available coffees include espresso, macchiato, affogato and shakerato.
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Oby’s is the place for some award-winning Cajun cuisine. Founded in 1976 by ex-serviceman Don O’Bannon, Oby’s has been beloved by locals, and students from Mississippi State University especially, for 35 years. The po’ boys are a particular favorite. On the menu are New Orleans–style classics like platters of oysters, chicken tenders, catfish, shrimp and jambalaya, and po’ boys with beef, chicken and smoked turkey.

Oby’s, 504 Academy Road, Starkville, MS, USA +1 662 323 0444

Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

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Umi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Umi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar | (c) Brian Norwood/Flickr
The Umi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar at the State Shopping Center on Highway 12 is said to serve the best sushi in the whole state of Mississippi. That’s the view of Mississippi Magazine and its readers’ poll, conducted every year. For 2015, and for several years before, Umi has come out on top in the sushi section. Mississippi Magazine describes Umi as ‘the ultimate Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.’ High praise, indeed. On the sushi menu are sashimi or sushi rolls made with tuna, salmon, yellowfish, mackerel, shrimp or scallops. Or, you can opt for a steak, chicken, or tempura or hibachi dishes.
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The Little Dooey

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The Chimneys
The Chimneys | © The Chimneys
Starkville’s favorite BBQ restaurant, The Little Dooey serves up classic Mississippi dishes like catfish and smoked meat sandwiches. The founders, Barry and Margaret Ann Wood, started out using their family recipes to serve food at a local service station. Having so much success allowed them to set up the restaurant in 1985, and it’s been a big hit with locals ever since. The term ‘little dooey’ is a Wood family phrase meaning ‘a fun gathering.’ Located on Fellowship Street, off University Drive, the menu offers classics like barbecue catfish, pulled pork, shrimp and oyster platters and po’ boys. There are also plates of Texas beef brisket, chicken and pork ribs.
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The Biscuit Shop

Located halfway down South Washington Street in the center of Starkville, The Biscuit Shop is all about family recipes and great-tasting buttermilk biscuits. The cake and biscuit menu changes every day. So, you’ll need to check out what’s available on the website before heading to the shop if you’ve got a particular favorite in mind. If you’re thinking of making a big order for the office or for a party, be sure to phone ahead, as the shop does get busy. On the Tuesday menu are buttermilk, blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon sugar and cheddar-flavored biscuits. For Wednesday, add lemon and sammiches. Add raspberry peach on Thursday, chocolate chip on Friday and maple bacon on Saturday.

The Biscuit Shop, 104 South Washington Street, Starkville, MS, USA +1 662 324 3118

City Bagel Café

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The City Bagel Café on University Drive provides top-quality food and top-quality customer service. There’s a big clue to what’s on the menu in the name of the cafe — bagels! You can choose from 15 varieties, including plain, spinach and cheddar and sun-dried tomato and basil. Try a bagel served with cream cheese or with honey, jam or peanut butter. Alternatively, try the breakfast bagels with egg, bacon and ham. There are even bagel sandwiches for later in the day. If you’re not into bagels, there are soups and quiches on sale too.
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Restaurant Tyler

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Restaurant Tyler is the project of chef Ty Thames and co-owner Brian Kelley, who also own Bin 612 and The Guest Room in Starkville. The philosophy behind Restaurant Tyler is to serve sustainable foods sourced from local farmers and suppliers only. You’ll find Restaurant Tyler on Main Street in downtown Starkville. It’s been featured in major magazines like Southern Living and Mississippi Magazine. The menu features appetizers like duck sausage wrapped in bacon (which is smoked in-house) and smoked catfish. The available entree courses include fried catfish from the Mississippi Delta served with hushpuppies, bone-in ribeye steaks and pork chops served with a truffle and honey glaze.
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Commodore Bob’s Yacht Club

Commodore Bob’s Yacht Club lies on the appropriately named Rue du Grand Fromage in the Cotton District. Since opening in March 2014, Commodore Bob’s has been featured in local publications like Town and Gown and is highly popular with visitors to Starkville during the Arts Festival every year. The cocktails here go down especially well. The menu is a mixture of soups, sandwiches, seafood and steaks, with dishes like nachos, soup of the day, shrimp po’ boys, lobster mac and cheese and cod and chips. You can also take on Bob’s Burger, made up of turkey, pork, tomato relish, pickles and mayo.

Commodore Bob’s Yacht Club, Rue du Grand Fromage, Starkville, MS, USA +1 662 268 8326

Strange Brew Coffeehouse

Strange Brew Coffeehouse is owned and run by Mississippi State University alumnus Shane Reed and is located just off the campus, along Highway 12. The Coffeehouse offers up fresh coffee with flavors from all round the globe and free Wi-Fi if you need somewhere to sit and chill out. There are also cakes and biscuits to accompany the coffee. Customers particularly praise the massive selection of coffee types. You’ve got the award-winning Strange Brew House Blend which is rich and full-bodied. Also available are the Southern Pecan, the Tanzania Peabody, and the Blueberry Cobbler. Or how about the Jamaican Me Crazy, with a butter rum flavor with hints of white chocolate and nuts?

Strange Brew Coffeehouse, 605 MS 12, Starkville, MS, USA +1 662 320 7022