The Top 10 Restaurants In Coon Rapids, Minnesota

The Top 10 Restaurants In Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Sitting on the border between metropolitan Minnesota and the northern areas is Coon Rapids. Whether you are looking for a fix of Mexican, Asian, or American, Coon Rapids has you covered. From tasty takeout to brilliant burgers, here is the best of Coon Rapids.
Train Entering Coon Rapids © Mulad/WikiCommons

La Casita

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
Offering Mexican food straight from the border, La Casita has expanded into a mini empire in Minnesota. This can mostly be attributed to their Mexican classic dishes which are done exceptionally well. Dishes are made from all fresh ingredients that really elevate their food above other run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurants.
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The Well

Sports bars often get a bad rep when it comes to food, but The Well is definitely one to try. Food challenge fans will also be pleased to know they offer a 6000-calorie eating challenge involving a grilled cheese/cheeseburger hybrid, fries, wings and 22 ounces of beer that need to be consumed in 45 minutes in one of the tastiest eating challenges around.

The Well, 35 Coon Rapids Boulevard Northwest, Coon Rapids, MN, USA, +1 763 792 0800

El Loro

Restaurant, Mexican
With its murals of Aztec and Latin scenes (think rituals, matadors and flamenco dancers), El Loro’s interior offers a visual treat wherever you are sitting. Just as delightful is the food beginning with the chips and cheese sauce that will keep coming to your table while you look through the menu (with the cheese sauce a particular highlight for many). This is then followed by a selection of dishes that span the whole of Mexico, from coastal seafood to burritos that will keep you returning to one of Minnesota’s most enjoyable restaurants.
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Bar, Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
Osaka is a restaurant that offers you all the pleasures of Japanese dining. On one side there is a sushi bar, where you can try the sushi chef’s spin on staple sushi and some of their own unique creations. For those who like more of a show with their dinner, the hibachi grill has seating so you can watch master hibachi chefs at work with their cooking so graceful it almost feels like a dance. For those looking for the full Japanese dining experience, a private dining room is offered where you can briefly say ‘sayonara’ to Minnesota and ‘konichiwa’ to Japan.
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Rose Garden

Restaurant, Chinese
Although they do offer a small and intimate dining room, Rose Garden’s real claim to fame is as Coon Rapids’ finest Chinese take-out. A simple family owned restaurant, Rose Garden is famed for its large and hearty portions and its lunchtime buffet where dishes are picked from servers carrying them around the restaurant. They offer all of the classics, and have kept many a Coon Rapids family well fed.
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New Mandarin

Restaurant, Chinese, $$$
A contender for the title of ‘best Chinese restaurant in Coon Rapids’ is the New Mandarin. This restaurant serves a far more extensive range of pho than any other Asian restaurant in the district, with every flavor conceivable available on the menu on top of all the dishes you would expect from any decent Chinese restaurant. With a great selection of chef’s recommendations and a good array of spicy dishes for those who like their Asian food with a kick, New Mandarin offers a pretty good challenge to the title.
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Pizza Flame

Pizza Flame has an impressive selection of pizzas to eat in or take away, as well as enjoyable versions of essential Italian fare. There is a reason that for many a Friday night or a weekend movie night is incomplete without a Pizza Flame pizza, and its their combination of size, value and deliciousness, along with side dishes like garlic pizza bread, that keep people returning for more.

Pizza Flame, 2016 105th Avenue Northwest, Coon Rapids, MN, USA, +1 763 757 5100


Restaurant, Chinese
A signature dish at the Shortstop
A signature dish at the Shortstop | © Amy Jane Gustafson/Flickr
Angkor offers the best of Cambodian cuisine alongside the Chinese food so popular in the area. In fact, what sets Angkor apart is this highlighting of more undervalued Asian cuisines, with Mongolian dishes also being a big part of the menu. So whether you are looking for the foods you know and love or are willing to try the finest foreign fare, a trip to Angkor is recommended.
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Bar, Restaurant, American, Pub Grub
Selling itself around the winning combination of ‘good times, cold beer and the best burgers in town,’ Shortstop promises these and then delivers them in abundance. If you are looking for a chilled place to watch the game with a beer and a tasty burger, you cannot go wrong with Shortstop. The restaurant also offers a number of special events every month.
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