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The 10 Best Coffeehouses In Minneapolis, USA
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The 10 Best Coffeehouses In Minneapolis, USA

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Coffee culture is a way of life for any city with a high concentration of highly-educated, very cultured people, and Minneapolis is no exception. However, residents of Minnesota’s largest city have the added benefit of enjoying espressos and cappuccinos to warm up during the long and chilly winters. From downtown to the North Loop, find the best coffeehouses in Minneapolis here.
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Dogwood Coffee Bar

Selling every sort of bean from Honduran to Kenyan to Costa Rican, Dogwood Coffee Bar has locations in both East Lake and Uptown Minneapolis. Praised for their Americanos and espresso offerings, this coffeehouse also uses a ceramic coffee dripper to make fresh brews. Look no further if you’re searching for fair trade beans, as Dogwood’s owners often visit their partnering coffee plantations

4021 E Lake St Minneapolis, MN (612) 886-1585

Almond Milk Cappuccino at the Blue Ox
Almond Milk Cappuccino | Courtesy of The Blue Ox
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Blue Ox Coffee Company

Part espresso bar, part coffee bar, and part bakery, Blue Ox Coffee Company offers a lot for what looks like a hole-in-the-wall establishment from the outside. With great natural lighting and replete with a fifteen foot drawing of Paul Bunyan, the iconic Minnesotan figure and his cow Babe, coffeehouses in Minnesota don’t really get any more Northwoods than this charming cafe.

3740 Chicago Ave S Minneapolis, MN (612) 825-6650

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Segue Cafe

A non-profit coffee shop located Downtown, Segue Cafe has many elements that contribute to its hipster ambiance. Board games, comfortable sofas, and a meeting room in the back make this coffeehouse seem more like a highly-appointed living room than a cafe full of strangers. If coffee isn’t your thing, grab a wild berry smoothie and a breakfast biscuit for non-caffeinated energy.

609 S 10th St Minneapolis, MN (612) 353-5422

Lake of the Isles Minneapolis MN 2020
Lake of the Isles Minneapolis MN 2010 | © Cinda Miller/Flickr
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Isles Bun & Coffee

Going for a brisk morning walk around the incomparably beautiful Lake of the Isles and need a pick-me-up? In that case, Isles Bun & Coffee, with huge cinnamon rolls customers frost to their desire and coffee to match, is your first stop on a Sunday morning. Strolling around some of the finest homes in Minneapolis with one of the finest pastries in Minnesota is an experience you won’t want to miss.

1424 W 28th St Minneapolis, MN (612) 870-4466

Double Espresso at Bull Run
Double Espresso | Courtesy of Bull Run
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Bull Run Coffee Bar

Bull Run Coffee Bar has its own coffee roaster and a reputation for having some of the most talented baristas anywhere in Minneapolis. Located in the revitalized Lyndale neighborhood, this coffeehouse makes sophisticated drinks from the most unlikely of ingredients, including Nutella and Teddy Grahams. Plenty of chargers and renovated industrial surroundings make Bull Run Coffee Bar a very productive work station for the hipster set.

3346 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN (612) 545-5972

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Matchbox Coffee Shop

Like its name, the Matchbox Coffee Shop is a tiny neighborhood hangout with a lot going on. Vegan baked goods and no-frills black coffee creations, such as cold presses, espressos, and 25 cent drip-brew refills are the main attractions here. You can also always rely on “Minnesota Nice” from the regular patrons here, which can’t be said for some of the more upscale coffee houses in the area.

Open: Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM -7:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 AM -7:00 PM

Watch out for: $2 Americanos and iced espressos

1306 2nd St NE Minneapolis, MN (612) 259-0069

Five Watt Coffee
Five Watt Coffee | © Lukas Kinsel/Flickr
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Five Watt Coffee

This quirky coffee house offers some of the most unique add-ins to beverages imaginable. From grapefruit bitters to black Hawaiian sea salt to basil and juniper syrup, Five Watt Coffee pioneers the concept of coffee cocktails in Minneapolis. However, anything from the simplest espresso or tea brew to the most complex seasonal coffee cocktail is executed with the utmost perfection.

3745 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis, MN (612) 259-7519

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Sovereign Grounds

Coffee house meets playground at Sovereign Grounds, which is a favorite hangout of young millennial parents and their toddlers in Minneapolis. This coffee house attracts a diverse clientele, who come for breakfast favorites with Sovereign Grounds’ own special blends and for the kid-friendly playroom onsite. Homemade hummus and tea make this establishment a great afternoon spot in Minneapolis as well.

813 E 48th St Minneapolis, MN (612) 825-6157

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Caffetto Cafe

Another unique combination coffee-house, Caffetto Cafe combines art gallery, recreation center, and coffee shop all under one roof. You can take your espresso to peruse quirky local art, play ping pong or pinball while enjoying a wrap, or chat with the baristas at the coffee bar. Catering to the grunge set, this Lyndale spot definitely has a more playful and less workaholic vibe than other nearby businesses.

708 W 22nd St Minneapolis, MN (612) 872-0911

Fireroast Cafe
Fireroast Cafe | © Robert Ball/Flickr
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Fireroast Cafe

This establishment leans more toward café than coffee house but deserves to be on this list because of the superbly crafted drinks, from pumpkin chai lattes to red sombrero coffee blends. Fireroast Cafe has delicious and well thought-out sandwiches, muffins, and paninis that pair with the many coffee options. Somewhat of a well-kept neighborhood secret, Fireroast Cafe is located in Southeast Minneapolis near the Longfellow neighborhood.

3800 37th Ave S Minneapolis, MN (612) 724-9895