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Windmill Island in Holland, MI | © C Amalia/Flickr
Windmill Island in Holland, MI | © C Amalia/Flickr
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Top 10 Restaurants In Holland, Michigan

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Holland, Michigan offers a rich diversity of restaurants from Mexican-American to European-inspired cuisine. These are 10 of the city’s must-try restaurants.
Holland Downtown Historic District, Holland, MI
Holland Downtown Historic District, Holland, MI | © Andrew Jameson/WikiCommons
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deBoer Bakkerij Restaurant

A European-style restaurant opened by a fourth-generation Dutch baker, Jakob de Boer, this breakfast-and-lunch place offers a taste of Dutch cuisine in Michigan. The head chef, Mitchiel de Boer, is responsible for the delicious breakfast recipes like ‘Rembrandt’s way’ — spinach, tomato and poached eggs piled on an English muffin. He is also behind traditional Dutch lunch options like freak’n frites frikandel, a three-meat Dutch sausage topped with caramelized onions. Their bakery next door sells bread made from old family recipes and homemade delicacies like krakelingen (a pretzel-shaped sugar cookie) or banket (buttery pastry roll filled with almond paste).

deBoer Bakkerij Restaurant, 360 Douglas Ave., Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 396 2253

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The Biscuit

One of the most appreciated breakfast-and-lunch restaurants in Holland, Michigan, The Biscuit is led by a former pastry chef and a wine seller, who are now a married couple. The name derives from the venue’s intended focus on serving biscuits, with all sorts of sweet and savory flavors. In the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of The Biscuit, enjoy chicken-apple hash served with a homemade biscuit or artisanal granola pancakes with maple syrup.

The Biscuit, 450 Washington Ave, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616-396 1005

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Salt & Pepper Savory Grill and Pub

Located a bit further from Holland’s downtown, Salt & Pepper Savory Grill and Pub is worth the drive if you’re after an all-American restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. From the blue buffalo burger to the Angus prime rib, Salt & Pepper offers classic American dishes you would expect to find. The nearly 100 pairs of salt and pepper shakers that line the walls make up the decoration of the restaurant. The owners got them in support of their new place when it opened. It is a great place to try a great variety of craft and import beers, especially during the daily happy hour.

Salt & Pepper Savory Grill and Pub, 11539 E Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 355 5501

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Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon

Opened in 1997, Crazy Horse is a Southwestern-themed steakhouse offering American classics like slow-roasted prime rib, barbecue ribs or sweet marinated chicken. The restaurant has been voted ‘Best of West Michigan’ for 11 years, so giving it a try will be a safe bet. The woody decor and fireplace contribute to the friendly and inviting atmosphere. The clients customarily pin one-dollar bills to the walls, and with all the money raised, the owners make periodic donations to various charities.

Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon, 2027 N Park Dr, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 395 8393

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El Huarache

Located in the north part of Holland, El Huarache is an authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Michigan. You can expect to find all of the Mexican favorites, like nachos, guacamole, tacos and quesadillas, and even a mix of Mexican-American cuisines, like taco salad or dry burritos. For dessert, El Huarche’s homemade water-based ice creams called chamoyada come highly recommended.

El Huarache, 517 Butternut Drive, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 786 3739

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8th Street Grille

Located in downtown Holland, close to lake Macatawa, the 8th Street Grille offers locals a warm place with a vintage vibe in which to share an American meal with friends. This restaurant is famous for their homemade soup bar, including chicken corn chowder, and delicious pub food, like Buffalo wings or the Black Angus burger. The drink options include a selection of 28 beers on tap, which rotate periodically. The craft beers come from around the country, and they also serve an English hand-pull as an international offering. Make the most of the large beer menu during their daily happy hour or Sunday brunch.

8th Street Grille, 20 W 8th Street, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 392 5888

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Butch’s Dry Dock

Butch’s Dry Dock is one of the best places in Michigan if you want to have both great food and a spectacular selection of wines or beers. It is one of 10 restaurants in the state of Michigan to hold the ‘Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence’. You’ll see why when you peruse the list featuring 800 bottles of wine from around the world to pair with your pub-classic food. The Art Deco-style building offers four separate spaces — a formal dining room, a private cellar, a casual pub and a terrace — depending on the occasion of your visit.

Butch’s Dry Dock, 44 E 8th St, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 396 8227

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Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant

Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Holland, Michigan to be located directly on the waterfront and offer both indoor and outdoor dining. Set up in a former dock and storage area, this restaurant has a boat-related history on Lake Macatawa. Its bar mimics the decks of the handcrafted wooden boats locals used to have in the area. As for food, house specialties include cashew chicken stir fry and almond-crusted whitefish, which you can wash down with one of the locally brewed beers they offer. An after-dinner option is to walk to the nearby Kollen Park on the lakefront walkway.

Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant, 216 Van Raalte Ave, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 396 0600

Holland Harbor Light near Holland, MI | © Sandysphotos2009/WikiCommons

Holland Harbor Light near Holland, MI | © Sandysphotos2009/WikiCommons

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AlpenRose Restaurant & Café

Located in downtown Holland, AlpenRose is a restaurant specializing in European fare and has a next-door bakery selling freshly baked pastries and signature cakes. The restaurant is run by the executive chef, Helmut Klett, of Austrian origins who serves dishes inspired by European cuisine, like jäger schnitzel or Tuscan lamb. Choose between the two outdoor patios if the weather is good, or the indoor seating sporting handcrafted woodwork imported from Europe. The Sunday brunch is also popular among locals.

AlpenRose Restaurant, 4 E 8th St, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 393 2111

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Goog’s Pub & Grub

Goog’s Pub & Grub is famous for their burgers, but they also offer steaks, salads and soups, for an all-American menu. Signature burgers include The Bourbonator, with brown sugar and bourbon-seasoned Angus beef, or The Tobacco Road Burger with hickory-smoked bacon. If you’re not a burger fan, they also offer what they call ‘stuff that isn’t a burger’ and gluten-free options. The venue is filled with pictures, helmets and jerseys of local favorite sportspeople, from baseball to football players, giving the place a sports bar feel.

Goog’s Pub & Grub, 667 Hastings Ave, Holland, MI, USA, +1 616 546 3422