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The Best Mexican Restaurants In Detroit, Michigan
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The Best Mexican Restaurants In Detroit, Michigan

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With Mexicantown inside its border, Detroit is home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in Michigan. Not just limited to Mexicantown, Mexican fare is well represented in Detroit. Here are some of the best local spots for this much loved cuisine.
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El Barzon

Mixing Mexican and Italian cuisine, El Barzon offers a rare and diverse restaurant experience. Fajitas, enchiladas, and tacos are all available while balancing out an array of pastas and other Italian entrees. There is a way to have the best of both worlds at El Barzon.

El Barzon, 3710 Junction St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 894-2070

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El Asador Steakhouse

Opened in 2014, El Asador has provided the Detroit area with a Mexican steakhouse specializing in traditional dishes and more elaborate Mexican fare. The steaks range from sirloins to rib-eyes, but seafood options are also available. El Asador has been highly praised for its use of fresh ingredients and the family-based service.

El Asador Steakhouse, 1312 Springwells St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-297-2360

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Señor López Mexican Restaurant

‘We are what real Mexican food should taste like!’ – Señor López’s motto summarizes the experience to be found at their restaurant. Señor López is certainly the place for traditional Mexican meals, offering large portions with hefty sides.

Senor Lopez Mexican Restaurant7146 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 551-0685.

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Los Galanes

One of Mexicantown’s best restaurants, Los Galanes is a lively hub in which to feast on classic Mexican dishes. Los Galanes also offers Latin dance nights on Fridays and Saturdays.

Los Galanes, 3362 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 554-4444

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Mexican Village Restaurant

Located in Detroit’s Mexicantown, Mexican Village Restaurant is one of the best locations for a quick Mexican fix. The dishes served range from traditional cuisine to Tex-Mex, but Mexican Village’s decor makes the entire experience authentically Mexican. Most of the dishes on offer are substantial, so share with a friend or two.

Mexican Village Restaurant, 2600 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 237-0333

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Taqueria Mi Pueblo

Serving traditional Jalisco-style Mexican fare, Taqueria Mi Pueblo offer a variety of meal combos that are easy on the wallet. This is an ideal location for the occasional Taco Tuesday.

Taqueria Mi Pueblo, 7278 Dix Rd, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 841-3315

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Mexicantown Restaurant

Another restaurant in Mexicantown, Mexicantown Restaurant offers traditional Mexican dishes, but are perhaps most famous for their handmade tamales. Their menu offers classic dishes that are priced reasonably.

Mexicantown Restaurant, 3457 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 841-5811

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Honey Bee La Colmena

As one of Mexicantown’s specialty grocery stores, Honey Bee is also known for serving some of the best hot food in the area. An ideal spot for lunch, Honey Bee makes daily lunch specials – usually along the lines of elaborate tacos with beans and rice. With a great selection of options for lunch as well as local dairy and meat products to take home with you, Honey Bee is a functional, all-in-one shop.

Honey Bee La Colmena, 2443 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 237-0295