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The 10 Best Restaurants In The East Side, Detroit
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The 10 Best Restaurants In The East Side, Detroit

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Detroit‘s East Side is a big place, encompassing a handful of districts like the historic Corktown and Midtown. East Side’s bad reputation in the media can be reconciled with their selection of some of the best food in the city. From restaurants taking over abandoned pawnshops and dry cleaners, Detroit’s East Side expresses the renovating and rebuilding attitude of the city.
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Gold Cash Gold

Renovating an old pawnshop, Gold Cash Gold is a representation of Detroit’s rising-from-the-ashes attitude. This new and reputed restaurant in Detroit’s East Side is irresistible because of their locally sourced fare that inspires their uniquely American, Southern and French dishes. The décor is urban casual with whitewashed brick walls and wooden furniture. This is a laid back neighborhood restaurant that offers fearless fare.

Gold Cash Gold, 2100 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 242-0770

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Selden Standard

Selden Standard is one of the newest restaurants to be launched in East Side’s Midtown. Reconstructing an old dry cleaners spot, Selden Standard owners’ Andy Hollyday and Evan Hansen formulated the restaurant based on a vision for a neighborhood community sharing local food. From mentions in the Wall Street Journal to Hour Detroit, Selden Standard has welcomed rave reviews for their locally sourced and seasonally crafted menus. Serving small plates, Selden Standard is ideal for group dinners. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner; be sure to grab the haloumi and melon salad for an appetizer.

Selden Standard, 3921 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 438-5055

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Cadieux Café

Cadieux Café, located in the far East Side of Detroit, is a former Prohibition-era speakeasy that dedicates its demeanor to all things Belgian. Serving Belgian cuisine and a variety of beers, the Cadieux Café is ideal for laid back occasions. Since all their food is all Belgian, Cadieux makes for an authentic and cultural experience at one of the oldest – and strictly Belgian – restaurants in Detroit. Cadieux Café also provides feather bowling, which makes this café a gem statewide and nationwide.

Cadieux Cafe, 4300 Cadieux Rd, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 882-8560

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Rose’s Fine Food

Rose’s Fine Food is a necessary and important breakfast and brunch spot. Offering the classic American options, like pancakes and two egg specials, Rose’s Fine Food works within their genre. However, they are creative with their recipes, especially with their house made pastries. With food sourced with customers in mind, Rose’s Fine Food is a community based and locally appreciated restaurant.

Rose’s Fine Food, 10555 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 309-7947

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Slow’s Bar BQ

Slow’s was one of Corktown’s first big restaurants following Detroit’s necessary economic incline. Now Slow’s is a Detroit classic that serves barbecue that makes you forget you’re in the Midwest. The ribs are slow cooked in house and are served with a variety of homemade sauces that tailor to individual palettes. A large bar with accommodating seating, Slow’s Bar BQ is able to handle their turnover rate – the wait isn’t long.

Slow’s Bar BQ, 2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 962-9828

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Supino Pizzeria

Supino Pizzeria is one of East Side’s best pizzerias, specializing in New York style pizza. Situated in the Eastern Market district of the East Side, Supino has a fantastic location surrounded by shops and lively streets. A storied menu with pizza options, Supino is the restaurant for pizza.

Supino Pizzeria, 2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 567-7879

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Food Exchange

Food Exchange is East Side’s well known spot for fast and deep fried food. Famous for their burgers, Food Exchange has found a way to make a burger completely distinct. The burgers are made with daily bought meat, which is partially why these burgers are a delicacy. Aside from the burgers, the sides vary from cheese fries to the Big Baby fries.

Food Exchange, 8451 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 579-5616

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Green Dot Stables

Green Dot Stables is a slider joint. Each slider is small and cheap, which allows for multiple tastings of their large selection of sliders. Green Dot’s sides – like the famous le poutine – compliment these smaller burgers, making it a hefty meal. All of their ingredients are locally sourced from Michigan farms, or they’re making and growing their own ingredients. Green Dot Stables is a new and modern restaurant that serves their take on American classics.

Green Dot Stables, 2200 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 962-5588

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Craft Work

Craft Work is big on ambiance – red walls and dim lighting. It’s cozy and the food makes this place cozier. An elaborate menu focusing on New American cuisine, Craft Work has options ranging from fried chicken to pan-seared halibut. This is a trendier spot in the East Side, and the menu reflects this. Great service, comfortable ambiance, and an eclectic selection of food.

Craft Work, 8047 Agnes St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 469-0976

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Roma Cafe

Roma Café is the oldest Italian restaurant in Detroit. It is also arguably one of the best restaurants in Detroit. Roma Café has been making and serving Italian food since 1890. Nearly a century and a half of experience, this Italian joint is known for the traditional-style with fare and décor. Pastas, seafood, and meat entrees are available in a variety of forms – along with the wine list.

Roma Cafe, 3401 Riopelle St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 831-5940