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The 10 Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Midtown Detroit
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The 10 Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Midtown Detroit

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Updated: 16 November 2016
In the past few years, Detroit‘s Midtown has become culturally and economically busy again. Food-wise, the restaurants are a reflection of the cultural revival this area has experienced. When it comes to breakfast and brunch, Midtown Detroit has plenty of options.
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Honest John’s Bar and Grill

Having both a decor and menu with an American ease, Honest John’s is one of the best brunch places in Detroit. This is mainly because of their great food and drinks for a great deal. More importantly, Honest John’s isn’t limited to just a Sunday brunch; this spot serves breakfast all day, seven days a week. The palette is hearty American breakfast with the likes of chocolate chip pancakes, the ‘Reuben omelet’, and corned beef hash. Honest John’s vegetarian menu is just as good as the carnivore’s.

Honest John’s Bar and Grill, 488 Selden St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 832-5646

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Café 78

Located in the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MoCAD), Café 78 provides a minimal yet decadent Sunday brunch accompanied with contemporary art and DJs. Set in the museum’s warehouse space, Café 78 creates an artistic and modern brunch experience. The menu is smaller, but with options ranging from breakfast sandwiches to salads. Café 78 also has an elaborate bar that’s equipped for any brunch beverage. Booze, beats, art and a croque-madame, Café 78 is one of Midtown’s best brunch spots.

Café 78, MoCAD, 4454 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 832-6622

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Seva Detroit, a proudly vegetarian restaurant, holds an elaborate Sunday brunch that makes you forget that everything is vegetarian. Being situated in the center of Midtown, Seva’s outdoor and indoor seating is ideal for the seasonal brunch. The breakfast and brunch menus vary between sweet and savory, hosting a platter of strawberry pancakes and also a vegetarian enchilada. Their drink ingredients, like the grapefruit mimosa, consist of house-made juices from Seva’s juice bar (and normal bar). Don’t worry, Seva has hearty vegetarian substitutions for the American breakfast.

Seva, 66 E Forest Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 974-6661

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Union Street

Union Street hosts a Sunday brunch that balances the American classics with more elaborate dishes (like lobster Benedict). It’s this blend that means Union Street hosts one of the best brunches in Midtown. The brunch menu is heavier; it holds a number of burger selections with a generous offering of breakfast classics. In addition, Union Street’s brunch season welcomes a live DJ each week. Live entertainment, lobster Benedict, and a Bloody Mary bar. Union Street is a great host.

Union Street, 4145 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 831-3965

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Zef’s Midtown

Zef’s is a classic breakfast-style restaurant, featuring shortcakes to omelets to corned beef hash. It’s essentially a Coney-style restaurant; but it emphasizes the Detroit way of making breakfast. The coffee selection at Zef’s is strong; starting one’s morning at Zef’s Midtown is good karma for your day. Open early (and with ample amount of seating), Zef’s accommodates every hour of the breakfast rush. This is an always-reliable breakfast and brunch stop.

Zef’s Midtown, 4160 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 831-1210

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Farmer’s Restaurant

Farmer’s is the all-American breakfast diner. Serving simple dishes, like two eggs (any style) with your choice of breakfast meats and toast. However, it’s a local classic for breakfast with convenient hours and a great location. In addition to the great location, the majority of Farmer’s ingredients is locally sourced in order to produce the best food but, more importantly, to provide to the local community. Fantastic service, solid prices and a reliable breakfast, Farmer’s knows how to start a day right.

Farmer’s Restaurant, 2542 Market St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-259-8230

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The Grille Midtown

Inspired by the Detroit’s Motor City reputation, the entire decor of the Grille is based on car ‘grilles’ and other automobile references. Following Detroit’s American tradition, the Grille increases the flare on American and Southern comfort cuisine with their personal spin. Starters, like the Shotgun Shrimp, are a little battered with house-made chili sauce. Jambalaya also makes an appearance on the brunch menu, except in the form of a breakfast hash. The Grille Midtown is the spot for a heavier, comfort-food type of brunch.

The Grille Midtown, 3919 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 832-0892

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Addison Eatery

Addison Eatery has made a name for itself within the local community. With the restaurant’s effortlessly casual style, it has become a local favorite. Initially only serving breakfast and lunch (they now serve an early dinner), Addison Eatery has balanced a menu between sweet and savory breakfast options. In addition, there are a number of options for salads and sandwiches. A perfect ratio for a brunch menu. Right off of Woodward, this breakfast and brunch spot has a great location if you’re looking to make an afternoon out of it.

Addison Eatery, 3111 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 832-3111

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Mudgie’s Deli is locally known for their decorative sandwiches that feature an array of deli meats, poultry or a vegetarian option. Their brunch menu, however, focuses on breakfast options, certain sandwiches from the main menu, and items crafted specifically for the brunch crowd. Huevos rancheros, the bacon waffle, and a tuna melt are all on the Sundays menu, along with their classic deli sandwiches. Mudgie’s brunch also includes deals on brunch drinks, which include the classics like mimosas and Bloody Marys. This is a never-fail brunch hub.

Mudgie’s, 1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 961-2000

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Dime Store

The self-proclaimed ‘American brunch bar’, the Dime Store lives up to its created reputation. The Dime Store went so far, they included three different types of eggs Benedict. This variation isn’t limited to Benedicts; there is a creative flare with omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and salads. The Dime Store’s décor is urban and rustic with mural walls and close-knit seating. In addition, the sources for all of the Dime Store’s ingredients are local and support Detroit and statewide communities.

Dime Store, 719 Griswold St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313 962-9106