The Best Galleries In Detroit, MI

The Best Galleries In Detroit, MI
Detroit, Michigan has experienced financial ruin and a recent turnaround; however, the art scene in Detroit has been prominent during the worst of it. Galleries and museums in the area have dedicated themselves to the art community and the greater community of Detroit. With a creative space, art and expression have manifested themselves through Detroit’s bankruptcy.

What Pipeline

What Pipeline is a gallery and artists’ space located in southwest Detroit. Recently founded by two artists, Alivia Zivich and Daniel Sperry, What Pipeline is a cultural source for contemporary artists. This gallery and space is focused on the local art community and the recovering community of Detroit. Just last year, What Pipeline was the recipient of the NADA Artadia award.

555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios

With fourteen artists-in-residence, 555 produces and exhibits local and international artwork. Founded in 2002, 555 functions as a nonprofit gallery that offers its space to fellow artists. Their mission: “555 creates space for art. We are artists working to make art and make space for artists to make and show art.” Right now, 555 is using their gallery space to host a two-month long coffee pop-up shop, along with other exhibitions. Home to local artists and artwork, 555 is a reflection of the communal and collaborative artistic enterprise happening in Detroit.

Inner State Gallery
Market, Art Gallery
Detroit street art

Detroit street art | © Stephen/Flickr

Inner State Gallery is located in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Inner State artists are widely known for their graffiti work or illustrations.

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Simone DeSousa Gallery

One of several galleries located in Midtown Detroit, Simone DeSousa Gallery focuses on contemporary art. Simone DeSousa opened in 2008, dedicated to the community. Seven years ago, Simone DeSousa opened Re:View Contemporary Gallery. Now, name change and all, Simone DeSousa is dedicated to artistically donating to the community, while changing and renewing the art collection process in Detroit. Displaying local and international artists in a small and manageable space, Simone DeSousa is a palatable gallery. Art is available in-store and online.

Detroit Institute of Arts
Art Gallery, Museum, University

Detroit Industry Murals | © Onasill ~ Bill Badzo / Flickr

This is the obvious and major art gallery in Detroit. More so a museum than a gallery. However, the DIA is a locally beloved site. As it was – and still somewhat is – in fear of financial ruin, the city and local art community have taken measures to protect the Institute. Home to works by Rembrandt, Diego Rivera, Van Gogh, and others, the DIA has the largest collection of art in Detroit.

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