How the Boston Terrier Got Its Name

Boston Terrier | © Black Photography / Flickr
Boston Terrier | © Black Photography / Flickr
Photo of Harry Gustafson
27 February 2018

Dogs are such a joy, offering some of the best companionships anyone can get. Plus, there is such a variety of dog breeds, each with their own adorable characteristics. Many dog breeds have special relationships with their places of origin. For instance, the Boston Terrier, named, of course, for the city where it first came about, has become a symbol for the Massachusetts capital.

History of the Boston Terrier

Back in 1865, a Boston resident named Robert C. Hooper owned an English bulldog-terrier hybrid named Judge. This dog’s children bred with French bulldogs, resulting in what we now know as the Boston Terrier. People quickly began to love this new breed, which was less aggressive than the previous bulldog and terrier mixes.

With each new generation of Boston Terriers, they began to cement the characteristics that make them so recognizable today. In 1893, the American Kennel Club admitted Bostons as a recognized breed. Their popularity continued to grow, eventually making them the USA’s most popular breed in the first half of the 20th century.

The Terrier today

Boston is a city that takes great pride in its hometown natives, and that includes the terrier. They are still a popular dog in the area to this day. Boston University, one of the largest colleges in the city, has had a Boston Terrier named Rhett for its mascot since 1922.

While these dogs stay relatively small, they come in three distinct sizes. The smaller the terrier, the cuter they get. Some even fit inside socks! Boston Terriers have high levels of intelligence and playfulness. Because they are quick, obedient learners, they make great household pets, especially for families with younger children. They have the nickname “the American Gentleman” because of their kindness and loyalty.

Cozy Boston Terrier | © Sendai Blog / Flickr

On YouTube, you can see their adorable qualities on full display. There are countless video compilations of Bostons doing everything from bathing to playing and even cooking! Given just how cute they are, this beloved breed is going to be around for a long time to come.

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