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The Top 10 Things To Do in Plymouth, Massachusetts
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The Top 10 Things To Do in Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Updated: 9 February 2017
In Plymouth lies the beginnings of the United States, so it’s a place of great historical significance and culture. While exploring this Massachusetts coastal town, be sure to check out our top 10 things to get the most out of your trip.
Bill Ilott © Plymouth Rock Sign /flickr
Plymouth Rock | © Bill Ilott/Flickr
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Plymouth Rock

While in Plymouth, discover a vital piece of America’s history. Make sure you take a trip to Plymouth Rock, which is where the Mayflower pilgrims, who founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620, landed.

Water St, Plymouth, MA USA

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Jenney Museum

Visit the Jenney Museum for guided tours of Plymouth and iconic exhibits on pilgrim life and American history. Look out for the ‘Conversations with a Pilgrim’ series to speak one-on-one and learn about the beginnings of American history.

48 Summer St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 747-4544

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Pilgrim Hall Museum

The Pilgrim Hall Museum is the oldest operating museum in America’s history. This museum houses an unmatched collection of pilgrim possessions, and articulates the story of the pilgrims’ voyage to America. The Pilgrim Hall Museum is sure to be an amazing attraction for families eager to learn about the way pilgrims lived and experienced the New World.

75 Court St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 746-1620

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Mayflower II

The Mayflower II is a replica of the ship that used to sail from Europe to the Americas in the 17th century and is worth stepping on board for a closer inspection.

State Pier, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 746-1622

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Burial Hill

This historic and significant cemetery is the burial site for many pilgrims whom traveled to America in the 17th century. Take a visit to pay your respects and learn about those historic figures who came before us.

11 Lincoln St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 830-4078

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Plymouth Bay Winery

Have a little fun and check out the Plymouth Bay Winery. Taste an amazing collection of wine produced from locally grown berries and grapes. Everything is made on site and the foodie owners offer pairing recommendations.

114 Water St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 746-2100

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Nelson Memorial Park

Enjoy a picnic at Nelson Memorial Park next time you find yourself in Plymouth. This popular destination is great for a family-friendly day out. The splash pad and playground are great attractions for the kids, while the adults can take some time out to relax.

Nelson St, Plymouth, MA USA

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Mayflower Brewing Company

This pilgrim descendants’ craft microbrewery has seasonal craft beers, tastings and tours. Check out the souvenir shop to get a keepsake from this unforgettable experience.

12 Resnik Rd # 3, Plymouth, MA USA

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Brewster Gardens

Located at the center of Plymouth’s town, Brewster Gardens is an incredible little park with a great view. Take a trip here to relax, listen to music, or simply enjoy the outdoors. Brewster Gardens offers tranquility in Plymouth.

11 Lincoln St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 747-1620

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Richard Sparrow House

The Richard Sparrow house is the oldest surviving house in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This historic house was built in 1640 by Richard Sparrow, an English pilgrim who arrive in the New World in 1636.

42 Summer St, Plymouth, MA USA (508) 747-1240