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The Top 10 Restaurants In Yarmouth, Massachusetts
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Yarmouth, Massachusetts

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Yarmouth, Massachusetts is located in Barnstable county, making it wonderfully in reach of Cape Cod. Yarmouth is a wonderful tourist spot during the summer but is still beautiful during the fall and winter seasons with its beautiful views. If you ever find yourself in Yarmouth, make sure to check out this guide to the top 10 best restaurants in the town.
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Seafood Sam’s

This amazing seafood spot is one of the best in Yarmouth. It is famous for its fried seafood and a quaint shack that fails to disappoint. Seafood Sam’s is busy with tourists during the summer seasons so be prepared to wait on a line that is well worth it.

1006 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA US (508) 394-3504

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Skipper Restaurant And Chowder House

Established in 1936, Skipper is one of the oldest waterfront restaurants on The Cape. This awesome seafood spot will give you all you want and more. The chefs and staff are dedicated to creating a memorable experience including the freshest and finest seafood on the Cape.

152 S Shore Dr, South Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 394-7406

Chapin beach © Dominic/ flickr
Chapin Beach | © Dominic/Flickr
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Kevin’s Seafood And Spirits

This local hangout is a great place to relax with friends and get a meal that is over-the-moon fantastic. Serving fresh seafood, this place is perfect for those looking for a relaxed and trendy vibe and is popular with the locals. To get the full Yarmouth experience, be sure to visit Kevin’s.

908 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 394-7610

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Thuan Loi

This homey Vietnamese restaurant is in competition with the seafood restaurants and chains that are packed onto Yarmouth’s streets. For a break from the seafood, check out Thuan Loi. This place feels like a great friend has cooked you an authentic Vietnamese meal because of its great service and out-of-this-world flavors.

1300 Main St, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 398-5592

Grey's Beach Dock © Dennis/ Flickr
Grey’s Beach Dock | © Dennis/Flickr
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Yarmouth House

Yarmouth House is a seafood restaurant with a twist. Modern yet unique seafood dishes are featured on the menu, making this dining experience one unlike any other on the Cape. Yarmouth House is great for families and always has unbeatable service.

335 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 771-5154

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Ann And Fran’s Kitchen

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen is a small piece of heaven in Yarmouth. The breakfast is exceptionally good, and the service makes you feel comfortable and ready to kick back and enjoy a wonderful meal. Ann and Fran’s prides itself on being down-to-earth and making the food of your dreams into a hearty reality.

471 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA

(508) 775-7771

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Timmy’s Roast Beef

Timmy’s Roast Beef is a great stop on the way to the beach for a filling meal or sandwich. Each sandwich is crafted perfectly and packed with wild and scrumptious flavors. Timmy’s is a perfect sub shop in a sea of seafood chains.

198 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 775-9633

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Captain Parkers Pub

Captain Parkers Pub is a wonderful nook of New England cuisine. The raw bar and menu are unmatched in Yarmouth. The pub has a great outdoor fire pit which adds to the trendy ambiance of the restaurant. While in Yarmouth make sure to stop by Parker’s Pub for a fantastic bite to eat.

668 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 771-4266

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Jerry’s Seafood And Dairy Freeze

Jerry’s Seafood and Dairy Freeze is unique from the rest of the seafood stations on the Cape. This seafood restaurant has a Greek spin on it and offers both Mediterranean and seafood options. Jerry’s is a friendly seafood spot that keeps tourists coming to Yarmouth and great place for a yummy snack post-beach day.

654 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 775-9752

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Four Season Trattoria

The Four Season Trattoria is a great place on the Cape for Italian cuisine. Though the Cape is filled with great seafood spots, this place is a much needed break from the norm, and consistently exceeds the expectations of its customers. Be sure to stop by Four Seasons Trattoria when you’re in the mood for great pizza and Italian dishes.

1077 MA-28, Yarmouth, MA USA (508) 760-6600