The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cambridge, MA

© Veggie Galaxy
© Veggie Galaxy
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23 April 2018

Healthy eating trends such as vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise in recent years around the world, but suitable options when dining out are still limited. Luckily, Cambridge, MA has a good collection of healthy eating restaurants located in some of its coolest areas. Many places with vegetarian specialties serve meat options too, but even the ones that don’t are still bound to delight any visitor looking for a hearty, healthy meal. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Cambridge.

Clover Food Labs

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Clover Food Labs Best Vegetarian Restaurants Cambridge MA
© Clover Food Labs

With locations all over Cambridge and Boston, Clover has cemented itself as not only one of the best falafel restaurants in the city, but also as a leader in local eco-responsibility. Founded in 2008 by an MIT graduate student, Clover’s mission is to serve delicious food with minimal waste. In 2015, a Central Square location opened, maintaining a 24-hour schedule. Along with its storefronts, Clover food trucks also make their way around the city every day!

Cafe Barada

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Though this Lebanese restaurant in North Cambridge isn’t exclusively vegetarian, its veggie options are so good that it has nonetheless become a popular spot for local herbivores. Their falafel is crispy, and they serve some of the smoothest house-made hummus in the area. The most popular vegetarian dishes include their kibby and grape leaves, available as both appetizers and entrees. On top of that, they have a full beer and wine menu—including imports from Lebanon—as well as refreshing cocktails.

Veggie Galaxy

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Veggie Galaxy Store Front
Veggie Galaxy serves classic diner food with a vegetarian twist | © Joshua Sullivan

Themed like a jukebox diner from the 1950s, this hip spot revamps classic American diner food with a totally meatless menu. Everything from their tofu omelettes to their delicious pastries and baked goods are at least vegetarian-friendly, and mostly vegan-friendly, too. Every weekend, they rotate two different flavors of donuts in and out. This is a great spot for a meal at any time of the day!

Rhythm 'n Wraps

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Every day, this food truck camps out in the Alewife area of North Cambridge, serving on-the-go lunches to those looking for a quick, healthy meal. On the menu are delicious wraps, tacos, and food plates chock-full of delicious ingredients. They offer both vegetarian and full vegan options, served under fun names like Wrapper’s Delight and the Gangsta Wrap. Occasionally, the truck parks in other parts of town and the Greater Boston Area, so the best way to find out where it’s going to be is to check social media.

Life Alive Urban Oasis and Organic Cafe

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Life Alive’s mission is to restore their customer’s energy through healthy, organic foods. Specializing in vegan, vegetarian, and raw superfoods, they use locally-grown ingredients carefully checked for quality. At their Cambridge location, you can get fresh-fruit smoothies, nutrient-rich grain and salad bowls filled with vegetables, nuts, and homemade dressings. Their philosophy is that healthy eating cleanses the spirit, and this can be seen in the names of their dishes, including the Healer, the Adventurer, and Vibrant Alive.


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sweetgreen best vegetarian restuarants cambridge ma
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This fairly new spot in Harvard Square opened up in 2016, offering the area a healthy, fast, and casual dining option. They offer house-made and build-your-own bowls and salads, available with or without meat options, making this a great spot for small groups of friends who have a mix of dietary habits. The menu changes based on what foods are in season, and the restaurant ensures that all the food prep and cooking is done in-house.