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Yoga | © Global Panorama / Flickr
Yoga | © Global Panorama / Flickr
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The 10 Best Yoga Studios to Try in Boston

Picture of Ashley Kane
Freelance Writer
Updated: 20 February 2017
Whether you’re a well-practiced yogi or trying out a downward dog for the first time, Boston has plenty of yoga studios to fit your ability. Try out aerial yoga, power yoga, or hot yoga at one of these top fitness studios in and around the city. All will happily welcome newcomers of all abilities, so now is the time to relax, become more flexible, and get your namaste on.
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South Boston Yoga

Located right off the Broadway T stop, South Boston Yoga is an easy studio to get to for those folks downtown. The yoga studio offers regular yoga classes, as well as more advanced workshops and lessons for teachers. Try out aerial yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, or “all levels” classes.

South Boston Yoga, 36 W Broadway, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 315 7448

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North End Yoga

The beautiful North End Yoga studio is located on the third floor of a gorgeous brick building. Look out the large windows onto the street below and practice yoga. This studio offers plenty of different classes – try out Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa, or Yoga Espresso – so that you can find the practice you enjoy the most. If you’re looking to try something new, they also teach Pilates and barre workouts.

North End Yoga, 256 Hanover St 3rd Flr, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 227 9642

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Health Yoga Life

Located right in downtown Boston, Health Yoga Life offers a range of classes for all abilities. Try out hot yoga, or go for the “Restore ‘n Restart” to pour energy into your body. The studio also allows patrons to track their attendance and points for discounts.

Health Yoga Life, 12 Temple St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 857 350 4124

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YogaWorks Back Bay

YogaWorks offers not only traditional Vinyasa yoga but also unique options like Hip Hop Yoga and Black Light Yoga. Try something new, or take one of their more advanced lessons. They also offer partner classes so that you can test your strength in a fun workshop.

YogaWorks Back Bay, 364 Boylston St., Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 375 9642

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Sadhana Yoga Boston

Sadhana Yoga Boston offers candlelit yoga as well as prenatal yoga and Vinyasa. Try out the Core Flow to build up your balance and abs, or go for a Fundamentals class to relearn the basics to build a solid foundation.

Sadhana Yoga Boston, 15 Worcester St., Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 536 9642

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Om Warrior

Om Warrior offers fun yoga classes. Enjoy a Vinyasa Flow taught by the owner Marc McDonald, or go for a Yoga Tune Up Flow to encourage relaxation and learn self-massage techniques.

Om Warrior, 133 Pearl St., #2, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 901 4480

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Karma Yoga Studio

Karma Yoga Studio is a holistic studio that offers yoga classes and a tea café. Take a workshop to work specifically on your alignment, or if you’re new to yoga, try out a Yoga 101 course to build a foundation. The studio also offers slow flow for early mornings and a Dynamic Core class.

Karma Yoga Studio, 1120 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA, +1 617 547 9642

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Swet Studio

Created to evolve with the changing science of fitness, Swet Studio offers aerial yoga as well as meditation and rowing. The studio’s classes are scalable to all levels, so you never have to worry about your ability – instructors will help you modify and learn!

Swet Studio, 489 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 670 0631

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Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio

The Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes for visitors, including yoga with music, yoga for children, and Rise and Reiki yoga. Try out a new form of yoga, such as Forrest Yoga, to build up strength and release tension. You’ll always be able to receive hands-on assists to help with postures.

Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio, 663 Centre St, Boston, MA, USA, +1 617 522 4411

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Prana Power Yoga

Prana Power Yoga studio will build up your body’s strength in heated classes. All studios are heated to 90–95 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2–35 degrees Celsius) so that your body can relax and work. None of Prana Power’s studios have mirrors because they want you to focus on your internal vision of yourself. Try out the Prana to Music class or choose one based on your ability – you’ll always have an instructor nearby to help assist you.

Prana Power Yoga, 585 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA, +1 617 441 9642