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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Mission Hill, Boston
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Mission Hill, Boston

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Updated: 16 November 2016
Mission Hill is a neighborhood of Boston with approximately 20,000 residents. It’s within walking distance of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Gardner Museum. It is a very diverse neighborhood and a historic district, dating back to before the Revolutionary War. Due to its extensive history and great location, Mission Hill is a fantastic neighborhood to explore.
Flat White Coffee l © Russell James Smith/Flickr
Flat White Coffee l | © Russell James Smith/Flickr
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Butterfly Coffee

Butterfly Coffee is conveniently located inside the Roxbury Crossing T subway stop and provides quick, friendly service. There are many different flavors of organic coffee available and a great variety of pastries as well. The cafe is a perfect respite from the chaos of the subway and offers a lovely atmosphere to relax in.

Address and Telephone Number: 1420 Tremont St, Boston, MA, United States 02120 +617 442 0080

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The Squealing Pig

As a cozy gastro pub, the Squealing Pig attracts a crowd of primarily college students (Northeastern is nearby) with its wonderful array of food, live music and DJs. It is slightly off the beaten track near Brigham Circle, but definitely worth finding. The restaurant’s menu is more diverse than that of an average Irish pub – it offers soups, toasties, salads, pizza, and burgers, along with traditional entrees.

Address and Telephone Number: 134 Smith St, Roxbury Crossing, MA, United States 02120 +617 566 6651

Wall_Food_10060 l © Michael Stern/Flickr
Wall_Food_10060 l | © Michael Stern/Flickr
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Martin’s Coffee Shop

Martin’s Coffee Shop offers customers the option to dine in, order online for delivery, or order food for pickup. These choices make it a versatile place for people who want to sit down and have a memorable dining experience, or want the delicious food but aren’t quite ready to leave their sofa! Breakfast is served with your choice of white bread, wheat bread, rye toast, raisin toast, English muffin, or home fries in addition to the main order, so no matter how many times you order from here you’ll never get bored.

Address and Telephone Number: 35 Harvard St, Brookline, MA, United States 02445 +617 566 0005

Wall_Food_10426 l © Michael Stern/Flickr
Wall_Food_10426 l | © Michael Stern/Flickr
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Penguin Pizza

Penguin Pizza makes fantastic gourmet thin crust pizzas (and has many exotic toppings to choose from), homemade paninis, pastas, and salads. The restaurant has a bar, jukeboxes, and old-school posters plastered across the walls. The open kitchen provides customers with a first-hand look at how their pizzas are made from scratch. In addition to regular service, Penguin Pizza offers takeout and delivery options too.

Address and Telephone Number: 735 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, United States 02115 +617 277 9200

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With a creative and extensive brunch menu, Sorella’s is a great way to start off the morning, particularly as they offer unlimited refills on coffee! This cozy restaurant has a very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with a very friendly staff and quick service. The decor matches the cheeriness of the place: the walls are decorated with art and food suggestions. Overall, Sorella’s is a fantastic place to go for equally fantastic food.

Address and Telephone Number: 386 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA, United States 02130 +617 524 2016

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The Mission Bar and Grill

As a rustic yet modern bar with an eclectic menu of American cuisine, the chic black building that houses Mission Bar & Grill stands out along Huntington Ave. It has a wide variety of food and drink available, ranging from its delicious Spanish-style crab cakes to an out-of-this-world lamb burger, while also including an impressive array of beers and spirits.

Address and Telephone Number: 724 Huntington Avenue, Brigham Circle, MA, United States 02115 +617 566 1244

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston l © Cyrus E. Dallin/WikiCommons
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston l | © Cyrus E. Dallin/WikiCommons
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New American Cafe

New American Cafe offers table side service at its great location inside the Museum of Fine Arts soaring, glass-enclosed courtyard. Its menu features creative dishes from all over the Americas, which are prepared and served with fresh, local ingredients. With its chic aesthetic and awesome location, New American Cafe is the perfect place to grab a meal and peruse the museum.

Address and Telephone Number: 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, United States 02115 +617 267 9300

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Trident Booksellers And Cafe

Trident is the ideal place to catch up with friends, study for exams, grab brunch, and peruse the extensive selection of books and magazines made available. The cafe is one of the few places in Boston where you can linger over a book or newspaper with a cup of coffee, without having to bring your own. It has a convenient location on Newbury Street, offers great service, and has a perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

Address and Telephone Number: 338 Newbury St, Boston, MA, United States 02115 +617 267 8688

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Citra makes everything from scratch each morning. Citra makes itself more readily accessible to customers by providing both a delivery and convenient catering service.

Address and Telephone Number: 221 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA, United States 02115 +617 566 2729

Crunchy French Toast l © City Foodsters/Flickr
Crunchy French Toast l | © City Foodsters/Flickr
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Thornton’s Fenway Grille

Thornton’s Fenway Grille is the ideal place to go for breakfast or brunch before a Red Sox game. The French toast has a light, crispy texture as well as a yummy dusting of cinnamon and sugar. Service is prompt and always comes with a smile – it truly is a hidden gem in the Fenway. Its location places it close enough to the hustle and bustle of Boylston & Brookline Street, but without all the noise and commotion, not to mention the price-tag.

Address and Telephone Number: 100 Peterborough St, Boston, MA, United States 02215 +617 421 0104