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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Somerville, Massachusetts
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Somerville, Massachusetts

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Updated: 23 November 2016
The Boston brunch scene has been exceedingly popular for years and, as a result, there are an endless number of restaurants to choose from. To help narrow down the search for a delicious breakfast, here are some of the best spots in Somerville, MA (two miles northwest of Boston proper) that are sure to make your mouth water.
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At the edge of Teele Square lies Istanbulu. It’s a small, Turkish restaurant with colorful décor and a warm and friendly staff. If you’re looking for something off the beaten track, this is a great place to go. The food is delicious and you are bound to find an original meal.

Istanbulu, 237 Holland Street, Somerville, MA, +1 617 440 7387

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Kelly’s Diner

Kelly’s is an old-school dining car decorated with ’50s shades of bubblegum pink and lime green. The atmosphere and service take you back a few decades and the food maintains the home-style feel. It has a traditional menu filled with omelets, pancakes and French toast.

Kelly’s Diner, 674 Broadway, Somerville, MA, +1 617 623 8102

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Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar

Rosebud offers a Southern-inspired brunch filled with hush-puppies and biscuits. Long lines are common, but if you want to jump to the front, make a reservation. Make your own bloody Mary and chow down on the spicy home fries as you sit on the patio or in the bar or dining-car part of the restaurant.

Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar, 381 Summer Street, Somerville, MA, +1 617 629 9500

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Soundbites has been a staple of the Somerville community for nearly two decades. It is consistently featured in Boston Magazine’s ‘Best of Boston’ and for good reason. Its omelets, grilled hash and famous Broadway Bowl leave everyone full and satisfied. No matter what your taste, you can find just what you’re looking for at Soundbites.

Soundbites Restaurant, 704 Broadway, Somerville, MA, +1 617 623 8338

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Ball Square Cafe

Ball Square is small and personal. The waiters are certain to charm and cajole you as you eat your massive omelet, Nutella-stuffed French toast or coconut chocolate chip pancakes.

Ball Square Cafe & Breakfast, 708 Broadway, Somerville, MA +1 617 623 233

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Sofra Bakery and Cafe

Although not technically in Somerville, Sofra is a necessary stop if you’re in the area. This Middle Eastern café has some of the best hummus, muhammara and shakshuka around. The food and décor are colorful and warm, ensuring you will have a lovely brunch experience.

Sofra Bakery and Cafe, 1 Belmont Street, Cambridge, MA, +1 617 661 3161

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Three Little Figs

Three Little Figs is a great place to meet a friend and eat some of the most delicious baked goods in Somerville. Their menu is filled with yummy sandwiches, kombucha, juices, scones, muffins and more. Everything on the menu has a little twist, which makes this café stand out from all the others. Also, most of their products are locallygrown, so your mind can rest easy as you enjoy your food.

Three Little Figs, 278 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA, +1 617 623 3447

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Tu Y Yo

If you are looking to add a little spice to your brunch, visit Tu y Yo. A Mexican restaurant that mixes traditional Mexican food with family recipes, you will find huevos rancheros as well as eggs with cactus. Everything is freshly made, and you are bound to have a unique brunch experience.

Tu Y Yo, 858 Broadway, Somerville, MA, +1 617 623 5411

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Union Square Donuts

Enjoy some of the best donuts in Boston at this local donut shop. There are classic chocolate-glazed donuts alongside more original options like maple-bacon and the pretzel donut. No matter what you get, you’ll be pleased. Union Square Donuts is open every day at 7am, so be sure to get there early and take advantage of its full donut selection before they run out.

Union Square Donuts, 20 Bow Street, Somerville, MA +1 617 209 2257

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The Neighborhood Restaurant

Open every day at 7 am, The Neighborhood is a Portuguese brunch place that makes all of its own bread and desert. It’s packed on weekends, but you cannot find better cream of wheat or more original pancakes anywhere else. Be prepared to take a nap afterwards, because there is no way you can go to The Neighborhood without stuffing yourself to the brim.

Neighborhood Restaurant, 25 Bow Street, Somerville, MA, +1 617 623 9710