Where to Go for Nightlife in Baltimore

Nightclub | © Maurício Mascaro/Pexels
Nightclub | © Maurício Mascaro/Pexels
Baltimore, Maryland, is another city that doesn’t sleep. The nightlife is vibrant and exciting, and there are many places to bar hop and dance until the sun rises. A majority of this nightlife takes place downtown so you can make a night of it and stay overnight to be fresh and ready to go in the morning.

The Hippodrome Theatre

One of the best things to do in downtown Baltimore is to go for a night out at the theatre. Downtown, there is the Hippodrome Theatre, which has an extensive history, as well as an exciting line-up of theatrical productions. Many shows that are on Broadway now have a traveling cast that tour the United States of America, and bring these amazing productions to people who aren’t able to make it to New York City. This is a great way to not only experience culture, but you’ll also be able to see an unbelievable live play with a talented cast.

The Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore © Mark Goebel / Flickr

Once you leave the Hippodrome Theatre, feel free to move on to Power Plant Live!, which is located near the Baltimore Inner Harbor. At Power Plant Live!, be prepared to be entertained with a variety of things to do, such as bar hopping, eating a mixture of different foods, and enjoying plenty of alcoholic beverages from the various bars inside. It’s the perfect nightlife scene as there are plenty of places to party.

After leaving Power Plant Live!, why turn in for an early night? Stop by Nacho Mama’s in Canton for a hubcap margarita. A hubcap margarita is exactly what the name states – a margarita-filled hubcap with a variety of juices mixed in to make the perfect margarita for you and your friends to enjoy. The Mexican food that’s also served at this restaurant is spicy, cheesy, and delicious in nature. The food ties in perfectly with the margarita hubcap so that you’ll enjoy the margarita even more.

By this time, you’ve had a lot to drink; so catch a ride down to the Sagamore Pendry Hotel, which is owned by the CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank. This hotel is absolutely gorgeous as it’s a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. The Sagamore Pendry Hotel is located near the Baltimore Inner Harbor, which gives off a rich elegance to its surroundings. The service at this hotel is exquisite and gives you a modern-day feel, while keeping its historically authentic aesthetic. What a way to spend an evening!

Sagamore Pendry Hotel Baltimore  © Maryland GovPics/Flickr