The Most Luxurious Glamping Sites in Maryland

Glamping | © Noam, Jemima & Lila/Flickr
Glamping | © Noam, Jemima & Lila/Flickr | Glamping | © Noam, Jemima & Lila/Flickr
Underrated and often forgotten, Maryland is a great place to take a load off and relax by glamping. What is glamping, you may ask? It’s a better and more luxurious way to camp instead of roughing it on the cold hard ground inside of a paper-thin tent. Here are some of the most luxurious glamping sites in Maryland that you’ll enjoy using.

Luxurious yurts in the Allegheny Mountains

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Spending time in a luxurious yurt in the Allegheny Mountains is the perfect way to spend your holiday. The yurts that are available at this site have a private deck, a king-sized bed, and a private bath so that you will not have to share with anyone else. Another special perk of these yurts is that the floors are heated, and freshly baked muffins and orange juice are delivered to you daily.
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Luxurious cabin on Savage River

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For those who do not wish to stay in a luxurious yurt, there is an option to spend time in a luxurious cabin instead. Not only is the view to die for, but inside of the cabins are two stories with a sleeping loft so that you can feel closer to the stars. In the main area, there are materials for hot beverage concoctions along with a seating area and a gas-log fireplace. All of the cabins are rich and comfortable. However, there are three different types that you should be cognizant of when you’re booking your cabin: Standard cabin, Forest cabin, and the Premier cabin.
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Luxurious cabin near Gettysburg, Maryland

This luxurious cabin near Gettysburg, Maryland, is definitely one-of-a-kind, becauseit has its own uniquely round shape. The cabin is totally tucked away in the hills and is about four miles from Taneytown, Maryland. This cabin has many woodland critters who frequent the area surrounding the cabin but otherwise quiet. You can visit nearby Taneytown, with its antique shop and historical sites, to pass the time.

Taneytown Memorial Park, Taneytown, MD, USA, +1 410 751 1100

Luxury Cabin | © Sugar Beach Residences/Flickr

Luxury Cabin | © Sugar Beach Residences/Flickr | Luxury Cabin | © Sugar Beach Residences/Flickr