The Best Places to Go Fishing in Maryland

Fishing |  © Ryosuke Hosoi/Flickr
Fishing | © Ryosuke Hosoi/Flickr
There are plenty of rivers, creeks and streams in Maryland, and of course a bountiful bay and ocean coastline as well. It offers some fantastic and plentiful fishing opportunities with catches ranging from game to fresh and saltwater fish. Fishing can be a fun activity with friends, family, or just solo. Here are some of the best spots to drop a line in Maryland.

Deep Creek Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Maryland, this is a popular spot that offers 3,800 acres of playground for fishing. Many varieties of fish can be found here, ranging from small mouth and large mouth bass, crappie, rainbow trout, and much more. A great fishing focused vacation can be had here. It’s especially good for ice fishing come winter so if that’s your interest, head on here to find mostly yellow perch under the ice. Don’t forget your ice-axe and rod!

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, USA

Assateague Island

This barrier island of the Maryland coast is a good spot for some surf fishing. Schools of black and red drum, striped bass, flounder and blue fish are found in the area. Make your way here with your surf chair and cast.

Assateague Island, USA

Youghiogheny River Reservoir

This massive 2,800 acre reservoir at the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania is a top fishing spot. It is home to a variety of fish habitat with walleye and small mouth bass being the major game fish. The water levels can fluctuate here so make sure to check before you plan a visit.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir, 497 Flanigan Rd, Confluence, PA, USA, +1 814 395 3242

Youghiogheny River Reservoir | Courtesy of

Savage River and Reservoir

This river/reservoir located in western Maryland has ample fishing opportunities. There is plenty of wild Brook and Brown Trout that can be caught here, and the reservoir is a great spot for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Savage River and Reservoir, Maryland, USA

Chesapeake Bay

Of course, no Maryland fishing list can be complete without having the Chesapeake Bay on the list. Saltwater fishing here gets you rockfish, flounder, croaker, and bluefish. It’s a popular vacation spot, and a day trip on one of the charter fishing boats is a fantastic fishing experience.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA

Centennial Lake

This lake in Howard County is a good spot for large mouth bass and rainbow trout fishing, which have both been developed in over abundance. Catfish and tiger muskie have also been caught here.

Centennial Lake, Ellicott City, MD, USA