The Best Places to Cycle in Baltimore

Cycle | © Glory Cycles/Flickr
Cycle | © Glory Cycles/Flickr | Cycle | © Glory Cycles/Flickr
Baltimore, Maryland, is the perfect place to experience the great outdoors, workout in the beautiful fresh air, and clear your mind so that your body can get in tune with itself. Baltimore has a variety of exercise classes to offer, and there are many gyms and clubs at which you can try a new experience. Here are some of the best places to cycle in Baltimore that you will not regret.

REV Cycle Studio

REV Cycle Studio is not only pumping with adrenaline, body sweat, and energy, but this cycling studio encourages you to continue to work out and push yourself to the limits. Your first ride is free and there are a great number of classes to keep you interested. This cycling studio offers plank rides, intervals rides, and barre cardio, a mixture of barre exercises and heart-pumping intensity movements.

REV Cycle Studio, 1718 Whetstone Way, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 727 4738

@seantn_45 shares how he recovers from his grueling workout schedule and teaching more than 8 classes per week! Link in bio.

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CorCycle Studio

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CorCycle Studio is currently running a special: If you sign up today, you receive your first week free. This studio is located inside of a historical building which adds to its eccentricity and enjoyment. CorCycle studio employs a number of highly trained instructors that provide you with 45 minutes of an intensive, sweaty workout.
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Club De Cycle

Club De Cycle is the place to be, because the music is always pumping, the people are always encouraging and excited, and the positive vibes that this place emanates makes you want to continue to work out. There are instructors who provide one-on-one training as well as group training.

Club De Cycle, 7165 Security Blvd C, Windsor Mill, MD, USA, +1 443 551 3325

All smiles after an intense workout. Putting in work on a Thursday. . . #clubdecycle #fitness #Thursday #sweat

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