The Best Haunted Tours in Baltimore, MD

Edgar Allan Poe's grave in Baltimore
Edgar Allan Poe's grave in Baltimore | © Seth Sawyers / Flickr
Some say Baltimore is among the most haunted cities in the U.S. With over 300 years of history, particularly its ties to Edgar Allan Poe, it makes sense that the city has developed some wild ghost stories. Hop on one of these haunted tours to see if the stories are true.

The Original Fell’s Point Ghost Walk Tour

Running since 2001, the Fell’s Point Ghost Tour takes you on a haunted tour through Baltimore’s 300-year-old seaport. Walk the cobblestone streets and hear stories of sailors, immigrants and other lost souls who may be sticking around Fell’s Point in the afterlife. One of the notable stops is the Fell Family Cemetery, a single marker between two rowhouses where area founder William Fell and his family were buried. Some have reported seeing a well-dressed gentleman walk by who fades away as he approaches the grave, so keep your eyes peeled.

Leanna Foglia leads a group through the haunted highlights of Fells Point © Mitro Hood

The Original Fell’s Point Haunted Pub Walk Tour

The home of many historic taverns and pubs that briefly became “soda fountains” (a.k.a. speakeasies) in the 1920s, Fell’s Point is known for its spirits in more than one sense. This guided pub crawl has a haunting twist, as each stop on the tour serves up ghost stories with its liquor. It includes the famous Horse You Came In On Saloon, the oldest continually operated saloon in America and the rumored last drinking place of Edgar Allan Poe. Ages 21 and up only.

Guests tour one of Fell's Points haunted pubs © Mitro Hood

Mt. Vernon Baltimore Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

Mount Vernon’s haunted pub crawl may be a little more classy than Fell’s Point’s, but the spirits are no less lively. Visit some of the neighborhood’s most glamorous haunts (pun intended) and hot spots, such as the Owl Bar, and learn the haunting history while you enjoy some spirits of your own. Ages 21 and up only.

Mt. Vernon Ghost Tour

Mount Vernon has long been a cultural center in Baltimore, full of beautiful architecture and society elites. But behind the fair appearance, some pretty spooky things have stirred up. On the Mount Vernon Ghost Tour, you’ll visit the historic Belvedere Hotel, where a dozen souls have reportedly never checked out, and hear tales of seánces, ghostly grand dames and more. This haunted tour only runs Saturdays in October, so mark your calendar.

The Belvedere in Mount Vernon may contain some ghostly guests © Smash the Iron Cage / WikiCommons

The USS Constellation

One of the historic ships docked in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the USS Constellation is the only Civil War-era ship still afloat, having served 100 years in the U.S. Navy. With such a long military history, reports of spooky noises and ghostly encounters are no surprise—even a Catholic priest once had a scare! The Constellation frequently hosts lantern-light tours full of scary ship tales, so spend an evening on the haunted ship if you dare.

USS Constellation Bow, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland © Nfutvol / WikiCommons

Westminster Hall and Burying Ground

It seems appropriate that the resting place of Edgar Allan Poe has some ghost stories of its own. From eerie 19th-century catacombs to stories of body snatchers who left the spirits disturbed, this cemetery is a little more spooky than your average graveyard. Visitors have reported feeling cold spots and invisible icy hands, and paranormal investigators have picked up unusual activity on the grounds. Westminster Hall hosts public and private guided tours of the grounds throughout the year, as well as a special annual Halloween tour with dramatic readings and spooky music.

The Burying Grounds at Westminster Hall may have ghosts among the gravestones © Marcus Cyron / WikiCommons

The Admiral Fell Inn

Located right on the waterfront in Fell’s Point, the Admiral Fell Inn, formerly the Anchorage, dates back to the 1770s. Over its long history, the building has served as a ship chandlery, a theater, a sailors’ boarding house and a Seaman’s YMCA. Guests have reported hearing footsteps and seeing butlers and maids who mysteriously vanished. But the stories haven’t hurt the hotel’s publicity—they host nightly haunted tours for guests, combining tales of spooky encounters with a history of the area.