The 12 Most Beautiful Places in Maryland

The Glen Artney area of Patapsco Valley State Park near Baltimore, Maryland | © Nicolas Raymond/Flickr
The Glen Artney area of Patapsco Valley State Park near Baltimore, Maryland | © Nicolas Raymond/Flickr
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Freelance Writer15 February 2018

The state of Maryland is full of beautiful towns and natural wonders throughout. There are amazing scenic views around the Chesapeake Bay and plenty of natural attractions to keep you occupied and ready to bring out your camera. Make a day trip out of visiting one or more of these fantastic picturesque places.

Town of Daniels

The Town of Daniels is an old, abandoned town located in what is now known as the Patapsco Valley State Park, which extends around the Patapsco River, near Ellicott City, Maryland. What’s left of this small town is a sight to behold, as it used to be a town full of textile mill workers. Now once you visit what used to be this town, you’ll see abandoned cars, an old church, structures washed away by years of rain and outside elements. This town is beautiful as you can see, just by what’s been left behind, the lives people had lived at one point in time, and the surrounding scenery is serene and quiet.

Cunningham Falls State Park

The Cunningham Falls State Park is an amazing place to visit as it’s not only located in the mountains, but has a picturesque waterfall and many outdoor family activities, such as camping and hiking. If you love trekking through the mountains while taking original photos of your hike, you’ll enjoy spending time here in this state park. Cabins are also available if you wish to camp overnight in this park as well.

Cunningham Falls State Park |  © Steve Kaminski/Flickr

Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Baltimore Inner Harbor is perfect for sightseeing and exploring the downtown area of Baltimore. There are numerous tall skyscrapers, ships, water views, and industrial buildings on the waterfront. One such building that brings beauty and industry to Baltimore is the headquarters of Under Armour, located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. The city is full of life, industry, and intriguing views to the average person who loves to explore and see new things.

Baltimore Inner Harbor | © -ted / Flickr

Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake is the perfect getaway as it’s secluded, yet has a variety of activities for families to participate in during their stay. Deep Creek has many vacation rentals that local Marylanders use during the winter months for a getaway. There are cabins, as well as huge houses that are great for girls trips, family vacations, bridal party getaways, etc. You’re able to bring your own food, liquor, drinks, snacks, games, plus more and enjoy the natural surroundings of the lake and the mountains.

Deep Creek Lake |  © Jon Dawson/Flickr

Assateague Island

Assateague Island is not your typical park or place to camp overnight. This island also has a beach, with various wildlife forms roaming free throughout the park. If you visit Assateague Island, you’ll see wild horses roaming on the beach, and waterfowl walking through the marshes. This state park gives you the perfect oceanfront view as you relax on the beach and feel the sand underneath your feet.

Assateague Island |  © m01229/Flickr


Annapolis is the capital of the state of Maryland. Therefore, Annapolis is a city rich with history and character for tourists and locals. There is an entertaining nightlife in downtown Annapolis, while you can take a break by looking at Chesapeake Bay views. Annapolis is close to the Chesapeake Bay; therefore, there are many hotels and restaurants that give beautiful oceanfront sights, providing perfect moments to capture in your mind and in your camera.

Annapolis, Maryland |  © m01229/Flickr

St. Michaels

St. Michaels is another small, but off the beaten track sort of town, as it’s mainly known for its fresh seafood and relaxed way of life. Many who live in St. Michaels have always lived here, or have lived in one of the surrounding areas off of the Chesapeake Bay and moved to be a part of the town. This town is small, but rich with history, as years ago it was known for mainly seafood processing and shipbuilding. Now it’s known for fantastic Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, Victorian-style homes, and maritime ancestry.

St. Michaels, Maryland |  © Lee Cannon/Flickr


Berlin, Maryland, is an extremely small town that’s known for being a cultural and essential part of the Eastern Shore. The town of Berlin is historic in nature and has architecture ranging from Victorian-style to the 20th-century. On the Main Street of Berlin, you’ll find a variety of shopping and dining experiences as you overlook the rich, historical nuances of the town.

Berlin, Maryland |  © Doug Kerr/Flickr


Easton, Maryland, marks the halfway point on your drive to Ocean City, Maryland. Easton is a part of the Eastern Shore and is another small town that is old and rich with history. This town only has a population of roughly 16,000+ individuals who love living on the Eastern Shore. Easton is right over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, so if you’re scared to drive over bridges, this isn’t a town that you’ll want to visit. The place is rich in cultural heritage as it has gourmet dining in its downtown area, as well as a winery and inhabitants who are relaxed and happy.

Easton, Maryland |  © m01229/Flickr

Solomon’s Island

Solomon’s Island is located in Calvert County, Maryland, where the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River meet. This is a small town that is located right on the water and takes pride in their ships and docks that provide fresh seafood, water-based leisure activities, as well as picturesque views on a daily basis. This town also has many art galleries, small shops, and local music concerts that everyone can enjoy.

Solomon's Island, Maryland |  © scott1346/Flickr

Kent Island

Kent Island, Maryland, is a beautiful small town that sits at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay bridge. It’s easy to drive right past this small area, however, the water views are absolutely spectacular and the food and dining experiences here in Kent Island rival none. There are steak and seafood houses, a crab shack, and a crab house, to name just a few restaurants. This island is truly something beautiful to behold as it not only gives you views of the water, but you have views of the bridge from various angles for those who enjoy capturing special moments on camera.

Kent Island, Maryland |  © Mr.TinDC/Flickr


Cambridge is another small town located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that is known for its scenic water views, fresh seafood, and special events. Cambridge is situated on the Choptank River, where there is a beautiful lighthouse that used to guide ships along the river. This area is rich in history and community, as it’s a town that is virtually located on the water.

Cambridge, Maryland |  © m01229/Flickr

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