How Baltimore Broke Stereotypes to Become the East Coast’s Coolest Destination

Baltimore | © jimmyweee/Flickr
Baltimore | © jimmyweee/Flickr | Flickr
Baltimore, M.D. is not only a city that breeds greatness, but it has a rough side that leaves you wanting more. Repeatedly, Baltimore has been labeled with negative stereotypes that have tarnished its beautiful image. However, this city is full of amazing people and places that enable you to see the true beauty of the city.

Baltimoreans put this on everything

You cannot come to the city without tasting some of the local and original cuisines that Baltimore has to offer. In particular, you have to taste dishes that contain Old Bay seasoning. Whether you sample Old Bay on your wings, crab cakes, or french fries, it doesn’t matter; as long as you try it. This seasoning is a staple in Baltimore that has a spicy taste of its own and is a part of Baltimore history.

Old Bay Seasoning © m01229/Flickr

We bring you Under Armour

The Under Armour clothing company’s headquarters is located downtown at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor; right on the water. It’s also located near the Domino Sugars plant that is still up and running to this day. Under Armour™ is a major, billion-dollar company that specializes in sports/fitness apparel; including athletic shoes. This company has had many celebrities endorse their products, such as Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, and even Dwayne Johnson. Under Armour is an iconic landmark and anchor business that thrives on being in Baltimore, M.D.

Tide Point, Baltimore © Sean Naber / Flickr

The location is beyond ideal

Baltimore, M.D. sits in the heart of the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), which makes it easy to access all three places in a short amount of time. If you take I-295 South, that will take you straight into the core of D.C. within one hour; barring any traffic or accidents occurring on the road. You can also reach Virginia in a small amount of time as well by taking I-495 West, which can take you into Northern Virginia as well as to Washington Dulles International Airport. All three locations are close enough that it makes it easy to take a day trip to D.C. or Virginia with Baltimore remaining close in any and all directions.

I-495 and I-295 in MD Potomac River © formulanone/Flickr

Baltimoreans are hardworking and caring

Every day, Baltimore, M.D. breaks the stereotypes that have been attributed to the city by remaining vibrant and continuing to be different. The city is filled with hardworking people who love and care for their families. Many are entrepreneurs coming to America for the first time wanting to build a new life, or simply wish to work hard for themselves. Others work for the Federal Government in an effort to affect change for the American people. Despite what has been portrayed about the city, it’s an up-and-coming destination full of individuals who care about their city and are willing to do what it takes to break the mold.