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The 10 Best Local Restaurants In Bangor, Maine
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The 10 Best Local Restaurants In Bangor, Maine

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The sparsely populated, North Eastern state of Maine boasts a selection of small yet beautifully scenic cities, of which Bangor is one. As the largest market town in the region, Bangor has grown into a cultural hub and is a fantastic foodie hotspot. Its restaurant scene is now buzzing, with nearly every global cuisine represented. For the best places to dine whilst in town, check out our guide featuring 10 of the best.
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Bagel Central

No surprises for guessing the star of the show at Bagel Central, but guests will find much more than the name would suggest at this quirky little bakery. Firstly, there is a pumpkin patch for visitors to choose their own organic squash or perfectly ripe pumpkin to take home. Secondly, Bagel Central offers an array of desserts and sweet treats to whet the appetite. It is true, however, that the most impressive aspect of the whole operation is the bagel selection. There are as many as 28 different varieties, with gluten-free and vegetarian options on offer. Add to this the comprehensive selection of toppings and it would seem that the capacity for fine tuning is almost limitless, bringing back mealtime fun.

Bagel Central, 33 Central St, Bangor, ME, USA, +1 207 947 1654

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Brewster’s Fine Food and Drink

Just outside of Bangor, Brewster’s Fine Food and Drink allows diners to sample terrific American food in a stylish yet informal restaurant environment. The menu boasts classic snacks for excellent value, as well as craft beers and elegant cocktails. A particularly popular local choice are the Buffalo chicken wings paired with a spicy sauce, but the Mexican nachos loaded with chili, the Rooster’s meatball sub and the Brewster’s spinach salad with a warm maple dressing have all become firm favorites. Pop in for brunch to enjoy a true taste of American fare and zealous hospitality. Begin with thick French toast before taking on the ultimate breakfast challenge, the 12oz rib eye steak with eggs, hash browns and toast.

Brewster’s Fine Food, 359 Wilson St, Brewer, ME, USA, +1 207 989 0444

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Cielos Mexican Grill Truck

When is a restaurant not a restaurant? When it is on wheels. Cielos Mexican Grill Truck is a first for Bangor; a premier Mexican restaurant condensed into the back of a truck. The truck itself – which relocates daily to different sites within Bangor and is affectionately known as Mathilda – prepares Mexican food so authentically fresh that it has voracious Tex-Mex devotees queuing for miles. Diners choose their ‘shell’ – either a burrito, taco or salad bowl – and fill it accordingly with combinations of meat, beans and rice. A relatively new addition to the Bangor dining scene, Cielos has tapped into the desire to enjoy great food at the drop of a hat and is swiftly growing in popularity.

Moves Frequently Cielos Truck, Kmart, 688 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME, USA, +1 207 249 4042

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American truck stops, complete with hearty dining spaces, embody the history of America and in so doing have become iconic. Family-run Dysarts is no exception, promising a return to tradition and a broad welcome for the weary traveler. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Dysarts offers a true slice of America, whether in the form of homemade corn beef hash that greets you in the early hours of the morning or more literally, with a slice of ice cream pie alongside your coffee. Stop for lunch to enjoy American comfort food classics given a distinct Maine twist, such as a chicken pot pie with flaky pastry crust or a thick cut of meatloaf smothered in beef gravy.

Dysarts, 530 Coldbrook Rd, Hermon, ME, USA, +1 207 942 4878

Friar’s Bakehouse

This tiny bakery is operated by two Franciscan monks and regarded as a favourite local Bangor institution. Due to the traditional lifestyle of its owners, the Friar’s Bakehouse is both sparse and simply decorated, contributing to the unusual charm of the space and allowing the food to take centre stage. Every morning, the two friars prepare freshly baked goods in time for breakfast, before making and serving sandwiches and soup for lunch. Local favourites include the whoopee pies and soft blueberry muffins, both of which are perfect for a quick, indulgent sugar fix. This truly fantastic and eccentric bakery offers both quirkiness and quality in equal measure, ensuring it is not one to be missed.

Friar’s Bakehouse, 21 Central St, Bangor, ME, USA, +1 207 947 3770

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Little Vietnam

Inspired by the mystery and intrigue of Ho Chi Minh City, Little Vietnam is a bundle of South East Asian delight nestled within the heart of New England. Family-owned and -operated, the menu is adapted from recipes that have been passed down through the generations, with the restaurant preparing its own immensely popular brand of pho– a Vietnamese noodle specialty. Little Vietnam also boasts a well-stocked bar where guests can either enjoy a variety of drinks before the meal or pause for thought with some light snacks when looking for something a little more low-key.

Little Vietnam, 687 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME, USA, +1 207 945 0073

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