The Fashion Bloggers From Maine You Need to Follow

Erin Little | Courtesy of Erin Little
Erin Little | Courtesy of Erin Little
Photo of Christopher Crosby
19 October 2017

Fashion-focused travelers have a lot to love in Maine. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, travel tips, or advice, these Maine fashion bloggers can get your personal style in shipshape.

Ashley Jordan – Sweet William

Part shop, part blog, and part go-to style guru, Sweet William is the fashion alter ego of Ashley Jordan and focuses on budget-friendly clothing and accessories. Sweet William is intimate; it offers glances into Jordan’s life and how fashion plays a role in her identity. On the commercial side, the site sells dresses and shifts straight out of a Jefferson Airplane concert.

Levi jeans | Courtesy of Sweet William

Erin Little

Erin Little became obsessed with capturing Polaroids from a young age, and it shows in this photographer’s adult work. In addition to editorial and lifestyle work, Little blogs about fashion and design and spends a considerable amount of time focused on Portland, where she photographs the homes of the city’s historic home dwellers. Little puts a spotlight on interiors with modern leanings, but she also takes photos of artists.

Tucker – Raiments & Redemption

Known on Instagram as tuckerdressesup, this fashion blogger spends her time between Maine and South Carolina, taking stunning photos of fashion, architecture, and the sea while on her way between the two states. Longer think pieces dot her website, while the blogger catalogs the dresses, jeans and everything in between of her East Coast journeys. This blogger showcases a casual, Coachella-esque style perfectly suited for cobblestones and sea shacks.

Margaret Ybarra – 5th & Magnolia

Started as a way to share travel photos with friends and family, Margaret Ybarra named her blog after one of her favorite smells—magnolias. While the tree is just a happy memory, Ybarra is candid about fitness, eating habits, and—yes—fashion. Landmarks are as much of a statement as her clothing, which is often nautical-themed and draws from local retailers and easy-to-find outlets.

Laura Michaud – The Maine Square

The creative power behind The Maine Square, which sells formal custom accessories for men and women, is Laura Michaud, who established her business—and her blogging—with a much simpler goal in mind: to teach herself how to sew. Michaud started in 2016 out of her northern Maine home and now not only shows her wares but also how to wear them. Featuring prints and designs that call to mind the state (think plaid and layers), Michaud primarily sells and blogs about pocket squares, from which she takes her name.

Cecil Bizet – cecilebizet

This Portland-based fashion designer and motivational speaker travels around Maine taking photos of what to wear when visiting scenic sights. Many of the posts are playful and feature quotes or poems related to the trip. Most of the clothing is relaxed, beach-friendly, or features flannel. Cecile Bizet also has a YouTube channel where she documents her journeys.


Proudly Portland, this Maine and Seville fashion blogger doesn’t do much talking about herself. But her fashion says enough: unique, falling into no clear guidelines, full of comfort, colors, and confidence. Posts feature a motivational snippet that avoids skewing cheesy.

Shana Aldrich Ready – The ROPES

Shana Aldrich Ready designs bracelets made out of ropes (hence the name) and blogs about fashion in Maine on her website and Pinterest. Motivated by the concept that the jewelry is a story, Ready honed her skills at the Rhode Island School of Design, passed through New York and Boston, and finally ended up in Maine. Her work and fashion sense have been featured in Seventeen, Victoria’s Secret, and L.L.Bean.

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