The Best Markets to Visit in Maine

 Harbor Fish Market | © Courtesy of  Harbor Fish Market
Harbor Fish Market | © Courtesy of Harbor Fish Market
Maine markets are renowned for their access to fresh seafood and farm produce, and Mainers fiercely support independent stores, especially small grocers and markets. Here are the 10 best to visit in the state.

Portland Farmer’s Market

One of Maine’s largest and proudest farmers’ markets showcases the best produce from farms surrounding the city. The market features more than 40 vendors selling a host of farm produce and products, from organic dairy, flowers, fruits (blueberries, of course) meat (goat to cow and everything in between) to foraged mushrooms. A convenient shuttle from a nearby parking lot takes you to the market, which is located in Portland’s Deering Oaks Park, the city’s largest and most spectacular.

Portland Farmers’ Market, Deering Oaks Park, Portland, ME, USA, +1 Saturday 7am-1pm

Rosemont Market & Bakery, Portland, ME

This specialty grocer sells seasonal farm produce, gourmet sausages, cheese and everything else you might imagine. With several locations around Portland and Yarmouth, a warehouse and a bakery supplying local restaurants, Rosemont replaces the need to go to the supermarket. In addition to pieces, breads and other treats, Rosemont also sells a catered selection of beer and wines. If you’re on an island, they’ll even provision the local ferry so you never have to miss a locally-sourced meal.

Harbor Fish Market

Market, Seafood
Harbor Fish Market
Harbor Fish Market | © Courtesy of Harbor Fish Market
Portland’s freshest seafood market (as evidenced by the salty smell) has been chef’s go-to source for lobster, salmon and mussels since the 1800s. This purveyor of clams, scallops and oysters features shellfish caught that morning and ready to go into your pot for a clambake in the evening. But should you need your dose of seafood outside of Maine, don’t worry: not only do they sell wholesale, but you can have the seafood shipped direct to many states.
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Browne Trading Company, Portland, ME

Portland scenic waterfront has no shortage of fish markets, and this local source for the day’s catch is among the best. In addition to sourcing pristine seafood from local fishermen and lobstermen, Browne Trading Company carries a selection of smoked fish and shellfish, including harder-to-find items like Spanish octopus and urchin. Do as Portland’s celebrated chefs do (many of them getting their seafood straight from Browne’s) and pair fish with artisan cheeses and hand-picked wines for a memorable meal.

Bow Street Market, Freeport, ME

Founded in 1946, Bow Street Market is a hidden gem set outside the hubbub of outlet shopping in Freeport. Although the new store (now located in a modern barn) has moved, the market is still as popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s easy to see why: in addition to the range of food locally sourced that you’d expect to see in a traditional supermarket, the store has a full selection of local beer and wine, plus average to-go foods in hot and cold buffets. The in-house butcher cuts to order and always requires queuing in a line. The seafood draws from local fishermen, and if you don’t feel like cooking, don’t worry: there’s a full slate of sandwiches and pizzas made to order.

Bow Street Market, 79 Bow St, Freeport, ME, USA, +1 207 865 6631

Micucci Grocery

There are two important things to know about Micucci‘s that involve the same premise: the Italian pastas, sauces, olives and errata are world-class, and the pizza served from a secret window outback is the (controversially) best in the state (being so good, the market had to open an entire restaurant – Slab – just to meet demand.) For more than 60 years this has been Portland’s go-to grocer for imported Italian goods, and due to reasonable prices and a great selection of meats and cheese you won’t find in other stores, you can expect another 60.

Micucchi Grocery, 45 India St, Portland, ME, USA, +1 207 775 1854

Tiller & Rye

Recently opened, this 9,500 farm goods and natural grocery store sells humanely raised meat, eggs and produce sourced locally. Set in northern Brewer, just outside Bangor, this shop offers artisan dairy products, wines, ciders and beer. The shop sells natural beverages, eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products and, for those on the go, coffee, juices and sandwiches.

Tiller & Rye, 20 S Main St, Brewer, ME, USA, +1 207 573 4021

Morning Glory Natural Foods

This family-owned natural food store has been selling organic, locally-grown foods and bakery goods for more than 35 years. Maine has no shortage of natural and organic produce, but Morning Glory has stayed a cut above the rest by cooking and preparing a range of soups, salads and other meals to-go, as well as selling bulk homecare and body products, plus women’s clothing.

Morning Glory Natural Foods, 60 Maine St, Brunswick, ME, USA, + 1 207 729 0546

A&B Naturals

A&B Naturals in Bar Harbor is at the heart of the island’s local food network, a jam-packed store full of everything local, organic and natural. Frequented as much by health-conscious tourists as locals skirting the big Hannaford’s supermarket located across the street, Mount Desert Island residents are among the most hardy and fiercely independent. The coffee is a hidden secret in a town with no shortage of brunch spots, and the organic smoothie and juice bar will keep you going after a long day of hiking in Acadia National Park.

A&B Naturals, 101 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME, USA, +1 207 288 8480