This App Helps Find the Cheapest Crawfish Prices in Louisiana

Hosting weekend crawfish boils for friends and family is a traditional spring activity in Louisiana and across the South
Hosting weekend crawfish boils for friends and family is a traditional spring activity in Louisiana and across the South | © London FoodLink / Flickr
Looking for a way to find the tastiest, lowest priced live or boiled crawfish in Louisiana? There’s an app for that, and it’s got Cajun-food lovers reeling.

Probably the most Louisiana thing to happen in tech since the WDSU Parade Tracker App, the Crawfish App was born out of necessity in January 2013 when LSU alumni Laney and Ryan King were riding around their hometown of Baton Rouge, calling various crawfish vendors for pricing and availability. As their frustration built, an idea formed that would revolutionize the way people across the country buy and sell crawfish forever. The Crawfish App has given people the ability to easily find the cheapest crawfish prices in Louisiana in no time at all.

If you haven’t yet made your way to the Bayou State, boiled crawfish is pretty high up on the list of traditional Cajun dishes you need to try in Louisiana. So, naturally, this app is the answer to a lot of people’s prayers, especially those who take Louisiana’s food culture seriously. With a whole lot of Louisiana love and attention to detail, the Crawfish App team calls all 1,000 vendors across the South every Thursday to confirm prices, ensuring their app is totally accurate for the weekend. The Crawfish App updates prices every Friday but encourages users to call individual vendors for hours and availability. Users can search for boiled and live crawfish filtered by best price, highest review and closest location. Best of all, the app is free and can be easily downloaded from the iTunes app store. With crawfish boils being such a staple of Louisiana culture in the spring, the Crawfish App has made it easier than ever to peel, eat, repeat.

A win-win for customers and vendors alike, local businesses have benefited from the exposure on the Crawfish App. Though prices are updated at the end of each week, the Crawfish App team gives vendors interested in having their crawfish prices updated more often the opportunity to do so by simply texting +1 (225) 803-0986. The Crawfish App’s goal is to have every crawfish vendor in the United States listed on the app. One thing is for sure: you don’t want to come between a Louisianan and their crawfish.