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Cinnamon rolls on tray | © Whitney/Wikicommons
Cinnamon rolls on tray | © Whitney/Wikicommons
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Downtown New Orleans

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Updated: 2 November 2016
There is much to do in New Orleans, and a hearty brunch is a good idea while you’re exploring the city. We list some of the wonderful brunch spots to visit in Downtown.
French coffee | Courtesy of Sanfa Media
French coffee | Courtesy of Sanfa Media
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Morning Call

Customers here will have a traditional experience. The chicory coffee is brewed using a French dip method. As the coffee brews, it becomes intense, filled with flavor. To create the café au lait, whole milk is boiled and mixed with the brewed coffee. Beignets are ‘French market donuts’, which are hand rolled, cut, and placed into hot oil. Once they are finished, they are coated with powdered sugar. Guests won’t be disappointed by Morning Call.

Address & telephone number: 3325 Severn Ave, Metairie, LA, USA +1 504 885 4068

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Clover Grill

Since New Orleans is constantly buzzing with action, Clover Grill thought best to stay open in order to ensure the people of New Orleans are being fed at all times. This is a popular place; the laid-back atmosphere and the hot breakfast specials keep guests coming back for more. The diner is defined by its white washed plaster exterior, brightly painted, and the glass-paneled doors.

Address & telephone number: 900 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 598 1010

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The Ruby Slipper Cafe

The Ruby Slipper Café is a popular spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Its focus is fresh food with a New Orleans twist. The restaurant uses local produce. The sausage is made in New Orleans, and the bread is baked in-house or locally baked and delivered to the Ruby Slipper Café. French Truck Coffee, a purveyor, roasts the coffee and brings it to the café. The Ruby Slipper Café believes celebrating New Orleans’ culture is important, which is why the meals and coffee are locally sourced.

Address & telephone number: 200 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 525 9355

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The duo wanted to bring a restaurant to New Orleans which served hot food and provided great customer service. Their vision was to serve downhome Southern food with a Latin Twist. Eggs Benicio is one of the famous entrees. Cheddar-jalapeno corn cakes are stacked with pork debris and hollandaise-draped poached eggs. Another popular option are the huevos rancheros, which should always be requested ‘Shaunna style’, since this is the restaurant’s biggest recipe secret. For people who prefer to come for lunch instead of breakfast, Coulis offers options such as the Cuban sandwich and half pound Angus Burger.

Address & telephone number: 3625 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 304 4265

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Wakin’ Bakin’

Wakin’ Bakin’ opened in October 2011. The mission was to create a place where people would feel as though they were receiving breakfast in bed. Wakin’ Bakin’ started as place to test recipes, and with constant demand for change, they deliver food to the neighborhood when the restaurant is closed. Some of the menu’s highlights are the queso-burritos, bahn wrap, and breakfast bowl.

Address & telephone number: 4408 Banks St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 252 0343

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Red Gravy

Red Gravy serves Italian meals offering daily specials every day. Her restaurant features recipes handed down from her grandmothers, aunts, and her mother. She adds a unique twist to the recipes and she believes in sustainability. Red Gravy’s dining room is similar to a local house; the colors are bright and enticing, adding a unique atmosphere to the restaurant.

Address & telephone number: 125 Camp St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 561 8844

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Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Café’s meals are made with New Orleans’ finest ingredients, and the dishes are fun and creative. The restaurant offers American cuisine with modern twists on classic favorites and new creations. The restaurant provides American breakfast, brunch, and burgers. There is a hint of Cajun/Creole in each entrée, and guests can enjoy cinnamon rolls, French toast, salads, omelets, eggs benedict, and shrimp and grits. The restaurant is unique because of the distinctive flavors of its food.

Address & telephone number: 2917 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 301 2771

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Surrey’s Café and Juice Bar

Surrey’s Café and Juice Bar is an eclectic and funky spot. Locals love this place because of the tasty food and juices, the charming staff and the cozy atmosphere. The sweet and savory menu caters to everyone and fresh organic juice are always the best accompaniment. Every day, Surrey’s Café and Juice Bar features juice specials, and it is recommended to always ask about the daily special.

Address & telephone number: 1418 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 524 3828

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Riccobono’s Panola Street Cafe

Riccobono’s Panola Street Café is known for serving some of the best breakfasts in the city. Guests can enjoy eggs benedict, crab cakes benedict, stacks of pancakes, and omelets in the heart of New Orleans. Because of the great plates, locals and tourists crowd the café. Monday through Friday Riccobono’s Panola Street Café serves hot lunch specials, and they usually have specific dishes for discounted prices.

Address & telephone number: 7801 Panola St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 314 1810

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Canal Street Bistro

Canal Street Bistro serves refined global cuisine, and the juice bar, weekend breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus also reflect the culture of New Orleans. The chef has been inspired by both local and global cuisines to create the unique menu. Every dish is prepared from scratch with natural ingredients. For those who love to eat healthy, there are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Canal Street Bistro features a fresh fruit and vegetable juice smoothie bar.

Address & telephone number: 3903 Canal St, New Orleans, LA, USA +1 504 482 1225