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The Best Distilleries In and Around Louisville, Kentucky
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The Best Distilleries In and Around Louisville, Kentucky

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Updated: 6 December 2016
There are many historical distilleries in Louisville, Kentucky and you can learn where the liquor comes from, how it’s made, and more. Read our list to discover the best distilleries in and around Louisville.
Evan Williams Bourbon | ©Stew and Vee Carrington/Flickr

Evan Williams Bourbon

Located on the historic Whiskey Row in downtown Louisville, this artisanal distillery comes fully equipped with a tasting room, retail shop, and exciting tour. Evan Williams was Kentucky’s first commercial distiller, so the distillery is rich with history; watch bourbon made right before your eyes.

Evan Williams Bourbon, 528 West Main St. Louisville, KY, USA, +1 502 584 2114
Whiskey Barrels | ©payneshots/Flickr

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company

This family owned and operated distillery thrived throughout the 1800s, but closed its doors during prohibition. Now, years later, they have once again reopened and are reclaiming their old glory. The owners are experts at their craft, which makes them extremely knowledgeable during the tour. They are friendly, helpful, and won’t hesitate to happily answer every question you may have.

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company, 120 N. 10thSt. Louisville, KY, USA, +1 502 566 4999
Glass of Bourbon Whiskey | ©ctj71081/Flickr

Copper and Kings

Copper and Kings is a vibrant distillery that exclusively distills in traditional, copper pot-stills. Their brandy has no added sugar or coloring, giving it an authentic and natural flavor. The facility is large and open, so people on tours can clearly see everything that they do and all that they have to offer. Copper and Kings also has outdoor and roof patios, a decorative pool, a fire pit, and an art gallery.

Copper and Kings, 1121 E. Washington St. Louisville, KY, USA, +1 502 561 0267

Moonshine University

Most distilleries offer tours that give you a glimpse into the making of liquors such as bourbon, whiskey, and moonshine. As informative and helpful as those sessions may be, it’s not the same as a hands-on experience. At Moonshine University, you can pay to take extensive courses in the art of distilling. The course subjects, length, and prices vary, but the most popular is the five-day distilling course, where you learn the ins and outs of distilling rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka.

Moonshine University, 801 South 8th St. Louisville, KY, USA, +1 502 301 8126
Bulleit Frontier Whiskey | ©Endemoniada/Flickr

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience

A family mystery enshrouds this Kentucky frontier. In the 1830s, Augustus Bulleit created a unique flavor of whiskey, but when going to deliver it one day, he vanished and the recipe for his whiskey almost did too. Luckily, his descendants resurrected the family recipe, and the residents of Louisville couldn’t be luckier. They have beautiful facilities, educational tours, and tasty whiskey.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience, 3860 Fitzgerald Rd. Louisville, KY, USA, +1 502 475 3325