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The Best Art Galleries In Lexington, Kentucky
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The Best Art Galleries In Lexington, Kentucky

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Updated: 12 January 2017
Lexington is a city steeped in history and culture, and much of that is celebrated through its artwork. Some galleries are very fixated on Kentucky’s rich heritage by focusing on the best artists in Kentucky. Covering a range of topics in artwork through local and national artists, here are five of the best galleries to discover local influences in the Kentucky art scene and beyond.
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Starving Artist Outlet

The Starving Artist Outlet in Lexington, Kentucky, is a family-owned and operated art gallery and frame shop. With over 4,000 square feet of showroom, the outlet has plenty of space to showcase its large and impressive collections of oil paintings and artwork. The frame shop is dedicated to providing custom wood and metal frames at reasonable prices to suit all artwork.

1066 East New Circle Road, Suite 8, Lexington, KY, USA +1 859 233 33 246

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Balatro Art Gallery is a fine art gallery that features a vast collection of different types of art from an international group of artists. In addition to a wide variety of paintings, Balatro also has a collection of vintage luggage from Louis Vuitton. In addition to paintings, there is also a collection of vases and handmade pottery.

Balatro, 380 South Mill Street, KY, USA, +1 859 252 0200

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Ann Tower Gallery

Ann Tower Gallery is located in the heart of Lexington. The gallery features a wide selection of artwork from both local and national artists, with an emphasis on fine art and folk art. The artists they feature are either some of Kentucky’s best artists or artists who are tied to Kentucky’s land. In addition to paintings, the gallery hosts new exhibitions each month to highlight different visual artists.

141 East Main Street, Lexington, KY, USA, +1 859 425 1188

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Lexington Art League

The Lexington Art League’s vision for their gallery is to promote the love of art and to inspire others to put their passion into practice. Their large archive features over 200 artists and they aim to support artists; one example is the gallery’s hosting of classes to help young creatives. The collection of work is visible both at the gallery and online, in order to increase the recognition of the featured artists and to promote the value of art and it’s transformative quality in communities.

209 Castlewood Drive, Lexington, KY, USA, +1 859 254 7024

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Heike Pickett

The Heike Picket Gallery has two locations in Kentucky, and is known for its wonderful display room, featuring clean design and colors to contrast and enhance the artwork on display. The gallery has a collection of modern paintings, as well as statues and sculptures. Established in 1983, the gallery has a well-established reputation, and a regular rotation of unique exhibitions for different artists.

400 East Vine Street, Lexington, USA, +1 859 233 1263