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Polk County Courthouse, Des Moines | ©Phil Roeder/Flickr
Polk County Courthouse, Des Moines | ©Phil Roeder/Flickr
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The 10 Best Spots for Brunch In Des Moines, Iowa

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Des Moines, Iowa, is a Midwestern state that values a hearty and steaming plate of grub to start the day off right. Des Moines has a number of excellent morning options for the discerning traveler, from its best bakeries to its finest diners. Here’s a look some of the best.
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Mullet’s Restaurant

Mullet’s Restaurant is a popular brunch destination located next to the Des Moines River. Doubling as a roadhouse at night, the reasonably priced fare always attracts brunch crowds the following day, especially for its popular breakfast burritos and Bloody Marys. Eat here before catching an Iowa Cubs game, which just so happens to be very close by!

Mullet’s Restaurant, 1300 SE 1st St, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-244-1443

Mullet's, Des Moines | ©Carl Wycoff/Flickr

Mullet’s, Des Moines | ©Carl Wycoff/Flickr

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Waveland Café

The Waveland Café has perfected everything that makes up a quintessential small town diner. They simple yet delectable breakfast options, such as their Everything hash browns, complete with runny egg and greasy meat. The ambiance at Waveland Café is best described as down-to-earth and homey, highlighted by their attentive service and personable front-of-house.

Waveland Café, 4708 University Ave, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-279-4341

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Chef’s Kitchen

Chef’s Kitchen is a casual restaurant that offers one of the best weekend breakfasts in the city. Known for their enormous portions, the brunch here features all the classics: pancakes, sizzling skillets and thick omelets to boot. Be sure to get here early, as breakfast is only served until 12pm on Saturdays and 1pm on Sundays!

Chef’s Kitchen, 1903 Beaver Ave, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-255-4411

Breakfast Pancakes | ©Pixabay

Breakfast Pancakes | ©Pixabay

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Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure

With over 14 types of espresso drinks, be ready for the caffeine-fueled experience that is Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure. This Ingersoll Avenue cafe boasts a worldwide selection of coffee beans, and even roasts its own in-house. So, if it’s a cup of coffee you’re after, be sure to stop into Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure to get some of the best joe in all of Des Moines.

Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure, 2723 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-244-7694

Coffee | ©Pixabay

Coffee | ©Pixabay

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Perkup Café

As a recent addition to West Des Moines, the Perkup Café is a great place to get a delicious home-made breakfast. The family-operated restaurant has a variety of breakfast options, although the bacon here is quite the specialty.

Perkup Café, 2700 University Ave #328, West Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-270-1466

Bacon | ©sofia dench/Flickr

Bacon | ©sofia dench/Flickr

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Bandit Burrito

Located in nearby Johnston, IA, Bandit Burrito is the perfect fix for the ultimate breakfast food: the breakfast burrito. Opening at 6am every day of the week, this restaurant caters to hungry early birds in need of a solid breakfast for their morning commute.

Bandit Burrito, Merle Hay Rd, Johnston IA, USA, +1 515-254-9999

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Drake Diner

For over 25 years, Drake Diner has provided a variety of hearty brunch plates for hungry Iowans, in a vintage, 1950s diner setting. Take advantage of the changing restaurant specials to try something a little different – like the deep-fried waffle sausage, for instance.

Drake Diner, 111 25th St, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-277-1111

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Mr. Filet Steakhouse

When lines out the door are a regular occurrence at a restaurant, it’s best to find out why in person. This is part of the routine to getting breakfast at Mr. Filet Steakhouse, a Des Moines landmark eatery for over 40 years. This cafeteria-style restaurant serves a traditional brunch, at very reasonable prices.

Mr. Filet Steakhouse, 510 7th St, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-244-4600

La Mie Bakery

Breakfast at La Mie Bakery starts with its delicious, artisan bread. Before sunrise, bakers here are already hard at work kneading the day’s fresh baguettes and putting the finishing touches on its pastries. In addition to its bread, La Mie Bakery also offers a variety of egg dishes, tartines and sweet breakfast options to accommodate patrons of all kinds.

La Mie Bakery, 841 42nd St, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-255-1625

Bread | ©Pexels

Palmer’s Deli & Market

Palmer’s Deli & Market has evolved into one of the most respectable chains in Des Moines. Thanks to the effort of Carol and Gayle Palmer, Palmer’s is a common household name that goes hand in hand with quality food. The breakfast at their Ingersoll Avenue location is always in high demand, with tantalizing items like their challah French toast and their house-baked pastries and muffins.

Palmer’s Deli & Market, 2843 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines IA, USA, +1 515-274-4004

French Toast
French Toast | ©Kim/Flickr