Things To Do And See In The Cole Noble Commercial Arts District

Photo of Anna T. Wilson
9 February 2017

There is an incredible amount of history and wonderful work going on in the Cole Noble Commercials Arts District in Indianapolis, the capital of US state, Indiana. From a homeless shelter for men to a top competing brewery in Indiana, this district is one that is growing and has gained recognition over the important causes that the people support. Below is a list of what to do and see whilst in this culturally rich district.

Field | © Jessica “The Hun” Reeder/Flickr

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has a mission to preserve life of the woodland areas, plants, and natural communities that make up the beautiful lands of the Earth. They provide the land and waters with what they need to survive and they protect them with all of their might. It is a leading conservation organization in the world that cares about nature and the people that live in it; more than one million people work in the United States and over 30 countries. At Indianapolis’ branch, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a Conservancy preserve for free to experience a relaxing environment that is open to the public.

620 E Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 951 8818

Sun King Brewing Co

Sun King Brewing Co is the second largest beer brewer in Indiana and, upon success, has become available on tap and in cans at over 1,000 locations in Indiana. Dave Colt and Clay Robinson are the geniuses behind the successful company and together they have earned many medals at competitions, like the Indiana Brewers Cup, Great American Beer Festival, and the World Cup Beer. They have over 300 beers in their beer repertoire and have not slowed down in producing more. On their website, the complete list is available and can be viewed with links to pages about each beer. That way, upon visiting, guests will not be weighed down with the pressures of finding the perfect beer while standing at the register.

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-10pm, Sat 12pm-10pm, Sun 1pm-6pm

135 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 602 3702

Courtesy of Sun King Brewing Co

Mystery Café

‘It was him!’ and ‘I knew it was her!’ are phrases you will probably hear numerous times as a guest at the Mystery Café. Each play is four acts long and to keep the energy going for these mind-boggling plot twists, a course of the meal is served after each act. Audience members have the option to participate in any way they want; they can even become one of the 28 volunteers that embody a character, stand, and read a line designated to them during the play. Because of this, every performance and every reaction from the audience is different and has a unique energy to it.

231 S College Ave, Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 684 0668

Wheeler Mission Ministries

Wheeler Mission Ministries is truly a valuable addition to the community and has been changing lives for many years. Their mission from their website is ‘to provide Christ-centered programs and services for the homeless and those in need’, and their vision is to see everyone living a productive life that is free of devastating stress, such as having no home, no food, and no support system. Their mission is indeed centered on Christ and the ministry through their faith, but that does not limit their recipients and who the ministry decides to give to; no one is discriminated against and being a Christian is not a requirement. They operate on their own faith and love their jobs; so if a man, woman, or child comes to them in need of help, help is given.

205 E New York St., Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 635 3575

Walk The Mile Square

The Mile Square has an intriguing backstory and it is a testament to just how cities, economies, and people grow. The Mile Square used to be one square mile of land that housed government buildings, religious houses, public institutions, and houses. The surveyor that created this plan did not ever think that Indianapolis would grow beyond the boundaries he set for it. Now, the Mile Square remains as a physical reminder of where the city center is, where the city of Indianapolis came and how it grew to become more than 370 square miles of businesses, culture hubs, restaurants, schools, churches, and parks.

Mile Square, Indianapolis, IN

Walk Along Virginia Ave

Virginia Avenue runs right through the Virginia Avenue Historic District and is known for its proximity in relation to important roads and trolley lanes. As you walk, you will see many remnants of commercial architecture that is still left in the city. Though many of the wooden general stores were there before times of civil war, shopkeepers did not begin to add buildings to the avenue until the 1860s. The renovated storefronts of many of the shops can be seen and is quite apparent; however, the upper floors and the majority of these buildings have still kept their brick Italianate style and architecture.

Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Marvis Arts & Event Center

Against many travelling traditions, the Marvis Arts & Event Center is a great way to spend a few hours enjoying Indianapolis. If you are traveling with a large group of people and want to gather in one place to enjoy the city, then consider doing that on the rooftop patio of this events center. It similar to having a tour bus, but instead, you do not have to leave the place you love so soon in order to visit the next. There are a total of eight areas in this building where memories can be made and the beautiful rooftop patio is 3,000 square feet of open fresh space just waiting for you to use for your next family reunion, business trip, or for a party to simply enjoy life.

121 S East St, Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 917 9999

Indianapolis City Market

Map View
Market Str. in Indy at 7:00 am
Market Str. in Indy at 7:00 am | © bob/Flickr
This renovated landmark is the best place to get a good look at the diverse people of Indianapolis and it’s the ideal way to get amazing food without having to hop from city to city to find it. There are vendors that exclusively sell locally made beers, local artists’ work, boutique goods and many other small business that are responsible for the Indianapolis City Market’s trend of ongoing popularity. Their foods are also locally sourced and Indiana farmers are responsible for supplying fresh produce, healthy meats, and outstanding dairy products. Each item you find, love, and buy actually supports local farmers and helps them continue to provide the best food to excited city market goers.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8am-9pm

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt

Customizable food is important to owners Jerry and Naomi Hancock; and with Jerry’s extensive background in chemistry, he learned an entirely new and fun way to freeze ice cream with only liquid nitrogen. This has been such a success that the method has gained fans and popularity from all over the United States and even internationally in China and the United Arab Emirates. Their story is truly amazing and even people’s favorite television actors have experienced this patented delight. RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad has even signed the Sub Zero Ice Cream poster at the Bellafortuna Emmy Awards gift suite and other known names, like Christina Milian and Tony Hawk, have been delighted by this frozen treat. So, visit their Mass Avenue location and experience the excitement surrounding this innovative and original dream company.

427 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 252 0271
By Anna Wilson