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Yoga | © Dave Rosenblum / Flickr
Yoga | © Dave Rosenblum / Flickr

The Best Yoga Studios in Indianapolis, IN

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Updated: 24 February 2018

Indianapolis is a great city to live in if you’re looking to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life. Indy is full of gorgeous outdoor trails to explore and is also home to some incredible gyms and fitness studios. Yoga is another popular exercise trend in the Circle City, and these yoga studios offer some of the best experiences for overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Practice Indie Yoga

This all-inclusive yoga studio is nestled in the heart of downtown Indy and is perfect for would-be yoga enthusiasts from all walks of life. Their classes are very laid-back and casual, making them ideal for beginners or anyone nervous about trying yoga for the first time. All of their classes are marked by levels so that you know what to expect before signing up. This studio is special because it focuses on teaching individuals to celebrate what makes them unique through their nurturing and accepting environment.

Practice Indie Yoga, 914 N Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 632 8820

Tree House

This beloved yoga studio in downtown Indianapolis has won Readers’ Choice awards for Nuvo’s Best of Indy list and a coveted spot on Indy’s A-list two years in a row. Tree House is a creative and nurturing studio that offers a safe and welcoming place for all types of yogis to gather and practice. You can join them for weekly classes, attend any of their events throughout the city, or book an individual appointment for a myofascial release or bodyworks session.

Tree House, 22 E 16th St, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 602 7707

Invoke Yoga and Pilates Studio

This booming yoga studio specializes in Vinyasa, a style of yoga that focuses on movements and breathing techniques. The downtown Indianapolis location recently expanded to northern Indianapolis, with its second location on 86th and Guion Road. Invoke also offers certification programs and workshops for aspiring yoga and Pilates instructors. You’ll never get bored at this dynamic yoga and Pilates studio, with over 50 classes to join.

Invoke Yoga and Pilates Studio, 970 Fort Wayne Ave # C, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 631 9642

Santosha School Yoga and Ayurveda

This yoga school lies in northern Indianapolis and is a one-stop establishment for all of your health and fitness needs. You’ll find a large variety of classes here, focusing on beginning breathing techniques to more complicated and athletic yoga courses. You’ll also discover spiritual exploration classes, diet and lifestyle workshops, and massage and body care options. Private sessions and teacher training curriculum courses are also available at Santosha.

Santosha School Yoga and Ayurveda, 8580 Cedar Pl Dr #120, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 405 8248

RETREAT TOPIC: Breathing Come and learn multiple breathing techniques during our 10 day intensive Fr 8/11-Su 8/20. Different ways of manipulating and controlling your breathing can give many benefits! 🌚Cools down the body 🌞Improved energy ⭐️Increase mental focus and acuity 🌊Relaxation ☯️Balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain 😊Relieve anxiety and even pain 👋🏽Massage of the organs 🌬Increased oxygen to your body's cells 🏅Strengthens the immune system 🚴🏿‍♀️Strengthens lungs 💪🏿Assist in weight management 😁Elevates mood This segment will be held daily! Take one or take all segments. Call 317.405.8248 or visit: Stay tuned for more info on other retreat topics! #santoshaschool #breathing #indianapolisyoga #indyyoga #yogaretreat #pranayama #yoga #health #wellness

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Studio YOU Yoga

Located just outside of the south side of the city in Greenwood, this popular yoga studio strives to create a unique environment where all walks of life can enjoy, practice, and heal through yoga. Studio YOU focuses on creating a community of well-being to help inspire better self-awareness and spiritual and mental growth. They offer a variety of class packages to fit any lifestyle and have both early morning and late-night classes.

Studio YOU Yoga, 862 S State Rd 135, Greenwood, IN, USA, +1 317 882 8733

CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health

Learn all aspects of yoga at CITYOGA, including exercise, self-development, and overall well-being. The school offers a large selection of yoga classes, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, gentle yoga, prenatal, recovery yoga, and a variety of beginners classes. They also have a semi-private class called Mysore for more advanced one-on-one study.

CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health, 2442 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 920 9642

Body Mind & Core

This state-of-the-art yoga studio is just north of Indy, in the city of Carmel. Body Mind & Core has three yoga studios where you can join in on heated or non-heated yoga sessions, practice Pilates, and enjoy barre classes. This studio also offers a variety of services to the community including corporate yoga sessions, yoga therapeutics, yoga for athletes, and various group events.

Body Mind & Core, 1344 S Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN, USA, +1 317 696 0720

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Breathing Space Yoga + Meditation

What sets this yoga studio apart from others is the way they handle class pricing. Breathing Space believes in a “pay what you can” pricing method, which allows students and those who truly need financial help to enjoy yoga without stressing over costs. They offer a suggested drop-in price of $15, pay-it-forward options of $10–14, and a volunteer option that’s less than $10 per class.

Breathing Space Yoga + Meditation, 5026 E 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN, USA, +1 317 900 2312