Why Logan Theatre Is Chicago’s Best Cinema House

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© K M/Flickr
There are dozens of options for cinephiles in Chicago to take in movies. Theater choices range from national chains to independent arthouse theaters. When looking for a unique experience when seeing movies, few theaters offer more to the casual and diehard theater-goers than The Logan Theatre in Logan Square. While the Logan might not be Chicago’s most recognizable theater, it is certainly one of the city’s finest movie houses.
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Quality Pictures

The Logan Theatre is sometimes called ‘a second-run theater’ because films that have been released but are being fazed out of major theaters find landing spots in cheaper cinema houses. While it normally depends on what time of year you go to the Logan, there is always a great spate of films to choose from.

Late Night Screenings

The Logan has the best options for late night screenings in the city. Every month, the theater acquires prints from films that range from the rarefied air of true classics to cult classics and ‘cinema of the bizarre.’ While other movie theaters in the area do offer similar viewings of classic or odd cinema, no other theater has put forth as much effort when it comes to quality acquisition more than the Logan Theatre. The themes of Logan’s late night programming changes from month to month, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to watch a film you never expected to see on the big screen.

Great Pricing

In the Digital Age, it is hard to justify spending upwards of $5.00-$10.00 on movies when films will be available to download for free in a matter of months. This means that a movie-goer could potentially miss out on the experience of seeing a film that they love on the big screen. The Logan Theatre offers some of the best prices in the city. The cost for a matinee film is $6.50 while regular pricing has you paying an even $8.50 to see the latest, greatest cinema or to catch a classic late night film.

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Renovated Interior and Bar

The Logan Theatre opened as the Paramount Theatre in 1915. Over time, the theater fell into disrepair. The once beautiful art deco theater became painfully ordinary, with marble walls being covered by thin plaster in the main lobby. The Logan was slowly dying until a much needed renovation began in 2011. In March 2012, the Logan Theatre was a reopened and thus restored to her former glory; the gorgeous art deco design was visible once again and gave the theater an understated elegance of a time long gone. A full-bar was included in the renovations, which give theater-goers a chance to enjoy delicious movie-themed adult beverages while enjoying a great film.

Special Events

While the Logan offers plenty of options for movie-goers to see films, there are also weekly and monthly non-cinema special events. Every Monday, there is live stand-up comedy to take in in the lobby. Every Tuesday is Movie Trivia Night in the bar and the last Thursday of every month brings the recording of the I Sh!t You Not Podcast. While the main purpose of going to the Logan is to take in a good picture, these events offer another reason to stop by and enjoy your time at the Logan.

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