The Top Places For A Hot Dog In Chicago

The Top Places For A Hot Dog In Chicago
Chicagoans take hot dogs very seriously and for good reason; we know how we like them and we make them well. Mustard, relish, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery salt, and sport peppers. Ketchup is a four letter word. Check out the list below so that you don’t go barking up the wrong tree.
Chicago Dog at Murphy’s Red Hots © Jerry Stratton/WikiCommons

Murphy’s Red Hots

Murphy’s Red Hots is located in a home with limited seating, but since it’s close to Wrigley Field, most diners opt to grab and go. Branch out from the usual toppings and take your dog on a ‘walk through the garden,’ adding mustard, relish, onion, pickle, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery salt and sport peppers.


Situated on Montrose Ave, Slim’s is a fresh take on traditional American fare minus the frozen-to-fryer mantra. The owner-chef’s industry experience is showcased on the restaurant’s extensive menu, which features fresh-cut fries, homemade sauces and dressings, and gourmet milkshakes. The interior is nothing fancy, but the star of the menu is the Chicago-style hot dog. Italian beef, Polish sausages, chicken club sandwiches, and corn dogs are also on offer.

U.B. Dogs Storefront Courtesy of U.B. Dogs

U.B. Dogs

This friendly Loop lunch spot offers just a handful of items, but the streamlined menu allows the staff to focus on what they do best. U.B. Dogs offers a step up from the usual hot dog shop, with high-quality Vienna Beef ingredients. The pared down menu features steamed hot dogs with all the fixings. Italian beef and chili play supporting roles, and just about everything on the menu is better with a side of hot fresh-cut fries dusted in sea salt.

Devil Dawgs

Devil Dawgs is dedicated to devilishly good hot dogs. There are six different dogs on the menu: Polish sausage, slaw dog, Coney dog (with sweet Coney sauce, mustard, and onions), Cheddar dog, quintessential Chicago dog, and the namesake Devil Dawg (with onions, sweet relish, mustard, and sport peppers). These are exemplary all-beef hot dogs: the bun is super steamed, the dog has a great snap, and all elements are in harmony. Save room for the Coney cheese fries, which are some of the best this side of the boardwalk.

Shake Shack © dennis crowley/Flickr

Shake Shack

With all of the burger talk surrounding this line-inducing fast food chain, now with two outposts open in Chicago, it’s easy to forget Shake Shack began as a humble hot dog cart in NYC’s Madison Square Park. The hot dogs, which are made of 100 percent hormone and antibiotic-free beef, are an underrated treat. Sourced from Vienna Beef, the dogs are split down the middle and griddled crisp.