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This Local Instagrammer Is Transforming The Way You See Chicago
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This Local Instagrammer Is Transforming The Way You See Chicago

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Updated: 11 December 2015
Local Chicagoan, Benny Jackson, creates beautiful shots of the city’s buildings, attractions, and lake front. Most of the photos on his Instagram are shot in black and white giving each photo a mysterious and dreamlike appearance. Here are some of our favorite photos he has taken.

While many photos of the city’s buildings may seem repetitive and overdone, the unique angle of this shot makes for a very interesting photo.

This perfectly timed shot shows the waves from Lake Michigan leaping onto the sidewalk; a common occurrence during particularly windy days on the lake.

This photo perfectly captures the mood of riding the swings at Navy Pier.

The sepia tone on this photo of a skateboarder in mid-air creates a cool vintage feel.

A beautiful Chicago sky paired with one of Chicago’s most iconic skyscrapers makes for a lovely shot.

If the Cloud Gate itself wasn’t enough of an optical illusion this edited photo sure is.

One of the few photos on Benny Jackson’s Instagram that was shot in color, this photo shows off Chicago’s iconic orange glow at night.

A great bird’s eye view shot capturing one of the most popular activities to do on the Chicago River.

This photo offers a unique angle of the Chicago Marathon.

A great long exposure shot of Lake Shore Drive at night.