The Top 10 Places To Eat Lasagna In Chicago

© Yatha Pradipta/Flickr
© Yatha Pradipta/Flickr
Photo of Katie Mastropieri
5 October 2016

Lasagna might seem like an all too common dish when you’re hitting up one of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago. However, this list of restaurants should change your point of view, allowing you to appreciate the home-made delicacy to a whole new level. Here are 10 of the best lasagnas in the area.

Angelina Ristorante

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Angelina Ristorante, Chicago
Angelina Ristorante, Chicago | © JohnPickenPhoto/Flickr
At Angelina Ristorante, you will find delectable, bubbling baked cheese upon their Lasagna di Verdura. If you go to the restaurant on any Monday night, you can enjoy a bottle of wine for just half of the regular price. With its cute, cozy feel, it’s a great spot for a date night. You can’t leave without ordering their ‘Panna Di Vanigli’, also known as vanilla crème brûlée with berries.

Sapori Trattoria

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A Lincoln Park must-see, Sapori Trattoria is a small neighborhood restaurant with home-made pasta. Known for its huge portions and tasty bread, the key to choosing the right item is simply asking for the lasagna – you can’t go wrong with that. You will want to bring enough cash to snag a homemade cannoli on your way out.


Sabatino’s is the real bee’s knees when it comes to old-school Italian fare. This retro supper club features Italian classics so delicious they could have been made by an Italian grandmother. Be prepared for Sabatino’s lasagna – its meaty flavor will have you wanting to make another reservation as soon as possible.

Sabatino’s, 4441 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL, USA, +1 773 283 8331

Volare Ristorante Italiano

For those of you craving Italian comfort food, Volare Ristorante Italiano is the spot for you. Expect to taste traditional, home-style Italian cooking in a bustling dining room with an old-school feel. The lasagna is made in the traditional Bolognese style, however it’s baked in their pizza oven. With a lot of cheese and plenty of meat, the dish is prepped to perfection.

Volare Ristorante Italiano, 201 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, USA, +1 312 410 9900

Tre Soldi

With a Roman-inspired Italian vibe, expect an upscale modern feel with an open kitchen at Tre Soldi, whose lasagna could be described as a Roman masterpiece. Baked in a small, individual crock, this lasagna is layered with a ragu sauce, simmered for three hours with tomatoes imported from Italy and a melange of meats supplying a delicious flavor. Finally, they top off the dish with a creamy, white béchamel sauce that sits under the top layer of cheese.

Tre Soldi, 212 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL, USA, +1 312 664 0212

La Scarola

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La Scarola
La Scarola | Courtesy of Piccolo Sogno
The small, cozy feel of La Scarola, with framed photos covering the walls, conveys the classic Italian mom-and-pop feel immediately. Located in River West, this old-school Italian restaurant has perfected the meat lasagna recipe. You can expect an extra cheesy, meaty masterpiece. Make sure you call for a reservation because this spot gets extra busy on the weekends.

The Rosebud

The Rosebud is an iconic Chicago staple serving traditional Italian fare in Little Italy. This restaurant requires an extra large appetite because their lasagna portion sizes are incredibly generous. The chefs are accommodating and are very willing to suit the customer’s wishes. For example, the chef once combined carbonara sauce with vodka to create a unique, custom creation for a customer who asked for it.

The Rosebud, 1500 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL, USA, +1 312 942 1117


Situated in The Loop, Tesori takes a rustic yet upscale approach to deliver some of the best Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in Chicago. If you’re strolling down Michigan Avenue or spending time at the Art Institute, Tesori is only a few steps away. The pasta is fresh and all made in-house, plus the lasagna also contains house-made sausage. You can expect to see creamy ricotta, kale, Fontina, sausage-tomato ragu, and parmesan cheese paired with garlic crostini on the side.

Tesori, 65 E. Adams St. Chicago, IL, USA, +1 312 786 9911


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Bacchanalia, Chicago
Bacchanalia, Chicago | © Brent Payne/Flickr
Located in the Lower West side, this is a unique, casual establishment that has been serving large plates of Italian favorites from Tuscan family recipes since 1979. Bacchanalia, named after the Roman god Bacchus (also meaning ‘drunken revelry’), has been owned and operated by the Pieri family for over 35 years. Bacchanalia is another restaurant that takes their meaty lasagna to the next level using a béchamel sauce rather than the thicker ricotta. Furthermore, all orders are made fresh to order, so the world is your oyster when it comes to special requests.

Piccolo Sogno

With a swanky set-up in River West, Piccolo Sognoalso known as ‘little dream’ in Italian – will have you mesmerized by the beautiful interior. The meaty lasagna is a game changer with its light béchamel sauce that seeps between the layers of homemade pasta. Although the surroundings appear to host a young, trendy crowd, it’s a very classic and welcoming restaurant.

Piccolo Sogno, 464 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL, USA, +1312 421 0077