The Most Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces in Milwaukee

Photo of Kelsey Grace Pfeifer
6 October 2017

Sometimes, escaping into nature is the best way to go. While Milwaukee is mostly known for its fantastic views of Lake Michigan, there are also some phenomenal green spaces just prime for a picnic or a late afternoon read. All hikers and even art lovers are invited to enjoy these fabulous places. So here’s a few parks and green spaces for those craving a connection to nature.

Humboldt Park

Not to be confused with the neighborhood in Chicago, Humboldt Park is a sprawling space that will take your breath away. There are numerous things to see, including a lagoon and even a craft beer garden. The park was originally commissioned as one of six parks in Milwaukee in 1890, and has been enchanting locals ever since.

The Squeezettes at Humboldt Park | © Purple Slog/Flickr

Bradford Beach

Arguably the most popular park is a beach right alongside the lakeside. Bradford does boast some greenery and trees, but the selling point is the large stretch of sand that will make anyone believe they’re in California as opposed to the Midwest. This spot is definitely frequented by the youth of Milwaukee, with beach volleyball courts and, yes, even surfing. But that being said, Bradford Beach is a family-friendly venue with loads going on for all ages.

Bradford Beach, Milwaukee | © Kayla Clarke/Flickr

Veterans Park

If you’re looking for a quick, romantic stroll through a park, Veterans is the prime spot in Milwaukee. It is the perfect amalgamation of green and blue… with bright grass and trees flanked by Lake Michigan on one side and the Milwaukee Lagoon on the other. There are wide, green spaces, perfect for sun-tanning or throwing around the occasional frisbee. The cherry on top? It’s right next to the Milwaukee Art Museum, the most attractive building in the city.

Veteran’s Park | © Jeramey Jannene/Flickr

Lynden Sculpture Garden

Lynden Sculpture Garden is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the entire city of Milwaukee. The place is right out of a dream, or at least a movie. With a lake and fields of greenery, it already started off strong, but then they peppered in phenomenal and fantastical sculptures to make the entire place feel like an abstract fairyland. They change their exhibitions often, so be sure to go at different points in the year. The best time to go is fall, right when the leaves hit a bright red hue.

Trio in Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee | © Erin DeYoung/Flickr

Grant Park

A jewel of South Milwaukee, Grant Park has everything to offer athletic nature lovers. Their 18-hole golf course is extremely playable and a fun way to spend an afternoon or two. The hiking trails are bar-none to any other park in Milwaukee, and will surround hikers with gorgeous tree cover while taking them on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Grant Park | Courtesy of Grant Park