The Best Fair Trade Stores In Chicago

The Best Fair Trade Stores In Chicago
Chicago is home to the largest fair trade coalition in the United States. As such, the city is filled with stores and restaurants that sell products to support artisans all over the world. The stores listed below provide an outlet for shoppers to buy unique gifts and also give back to the artisans who created them.
Inside of Ten Thousand Villages © Benita Gingerella

Ten Thousand Villages

Among the many boutiques found along Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park lies Ten Thousand Villages. The shop is a great place to find handmade gifts for friends and family. Throughout the store, you will find a vast collection of jewelry, handbags, and accessories, all at a reasonable price. Included in each purchase is a small card detailing who made your gift and how it was made.

Storefront of GreenSky © Benita Gingerella


Started in 2006, GreenSky is Andersonville’s first eco-friendly shop. The shop is known for its colorful and quirky eco-friendly items that are produced by local artisans. Looking for furniture made from recycled milk jugs? Or how about some razors made from yogurt cups? GreenSky has got you covered.

Inside of Greenheart © Benita Gingerella

Located in Old Town, Greenheart offers a wide range of clothing, home décor, kitchen items, toys, jewelry, and gifts. Its products are eco-friendly and support artisans all over the world, including locals. The shop is part of the Greenheart International Organization, which works to promote environmentalism, cultural exchange, and the end global poverty through volunteer programs. Greenheart is also a member of the Chicago Fair Trade and the Fair Trade Federation.

Selection of garments at Mata Traders © Benita Gingerella

Mata Traders

Unlike many of the other fair trade stores in the city, Mata Traders focuses on fashion, offering handmade jewelry, clothing and bags by artisans in India. Mata works closely with the women it employs and provides them with educational opportunities and workshops. The shop is located on Clark Street in the Andersonville Galleria.