The Best Restaurants In Logan Square, Chicago

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Updated: 9 February 2017
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As far as food options go, Chicago is next to none, but it can be challenging finding the best places to eat amid the chaos of infinite choices. Luckily, there’s Logan Square, one of the most up-and-coming scenes in the city. We list the best spots to be found here.
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Nestled into a cozy space on Belden and Central Park Avenues is an up-and-coming sandwich shop and bar. Without a second glance, you’d walk right past as the building’s green walls fade into the nearby pine tree. What Wyler offers is an exceptional sandwich delivered by its wide array of friendly staff members.

A tasty chicken salad sandwich

Tastee Freez

Truly a staple of American culture, harkening back to the elusive decade of the 1950s, Tastee Freez is the place to be on hot summer nights, with its selection of soft serve ice cream and burgers. Lining its interior are checkered floors upon which cozy wooden bars adorn the surrounding walls. A poster offers a smorgasbord of deals, from burgers to chicken sandwiches, or even eggplant sandwiches, if you’re feeling risky.

Big Tony’s Pizza

Variety is the key ingredient at Big Tony’s. With a range of food from pizza to burgers, this is the place to bring indecisive friends. Glass-half-empty people might not care for its interior design, but it offers a wide open spot to gather a group of friends for some pizza and Coke. If you’re in the mood for cheap food, and lots of it, then look no further. This wallet-friendly establishment offers a quiet nook to explore its vast menu.

Among the many food options of Logan Square resides a fair selection of vegan restaurants. Ground Control offers a delicious array of vegan sandwiches as well as a large drink selection. Its dark walls are filled with abstract portraits, with an elegant Blue Velvet piece adoring the space behind the bar. Excellent food and atmosphere make this a great place to widen your food horizons.

Cafeteria Marcela’s

In the everyday scramble of Fullerton Avenue, Marcela’s is a diamond in the rough and a quaint place to grab a coffee before starting the day. It’s hours are 6AM-7PM, so pencil in a spot in your schedule for a taste of authentic Latin American cuisine. Whether it’s breakfast or a late lunch, each sandwich is quickly and thoughtfully prepared in-house with fresh ingredients.

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