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The 10 Most Inspiring Video Interviews With Chicago Creatives
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The 10 Most Inspiring Video Interviews With Chicago Creatives

Picture of Benita Gingerella
Updated: 11 December 2015
Chicago is a city full of different ethnicities, opinions, and ideas. Likewise, there are many different local creators who have made their own mark on the city and the world. The videos below highlight just a few of the different creators tied to the city and they are sure to leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

Artist, Michele Grabner, talks about her inspiration behind paper weaving and gives viewers a chance to create a piece of art themselves.

Artists at Project Onward explain what the definition of art is and what art means to them.

Co-founder of Threadless t-shirt company, Jake Nickell, gives a short, but powerful speech on the importance of creating something everyday.

Local visual artist, Jason Brammer, talks about how he finds inspiration throughout the city and highlights some of his previous exhibits.

Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize, gives an inspiring interview talking about the hardships in her life as well as her accomplishments.

This short segment follows one man’s story with Inspiration Kitchens, showing the importance of creating even when the going gets tough.

Diablo Cody gives advice on juggling a career and family, and talks about the role of women in the movie industry.

Sandra Cisneros gives a very personal interview discussing the challenges women and minorities face, and how that has inspired her work.

Art Institute President, Douglas Druick, reveals how the museum collects art and gives advice to non-artists on how to approach art in a museum setting.

Take a look inside the mind of world renowned chef, Grant Achatz, to hear what makes him tick and how he has transformed dishes into works of art.

by Benita Gingerella